The Beginning

Let us start with a poem…self-indulgent, maybe…nihilistic probably, if you don’t like the sentiments expressed this blog is not for you


Madame  Catarina’s Slave Song

You are the Moon, You are Isis, and you are the goddess Epona

Yours is the light that fuels my dreams, that bridles my soul and constrains me

Like gossamer threads your words entice me, entwine me, and encase me

I am helpless

You are the Sun, You are Bast. You are Re

You are my deity; I can only gaze in awe at

The beauty that is before me

Your beauty shines so bright it burns, your words like cold steel

Command me, Control me, Rule Me.

I am owned

You are the Goddess, You are Madame Catarina

Owner of my soul, I exist only in your slavery

I serve only you, in body and in mind, your collar defines me

Like your heels on a cold, hard floor your words

Crush me, Torment me, complete me

I am blessed!

 This blog is intensely personal…and shared with a hope that other slaves can identify with my journey …and for those on the verge of committing to a life of slavery…some reflections that may help inform the decision making process. This blog is about self discovery and liberation through slavery. It is about Madame Catarina


 Photo courtesy of El Poo Design Bureau

Madame Catarina is the most beautiful and cruel mistress.

Hailing from Berlin Madame Catarina embraced the lifestyle of mistress and slave owner in the mid- 1990s. Not only is Madame Catarina beautiful, experienced and charismatic she is also a true sadist who takes genuine delight in training and controlling her stable of slaves

You can find out more about Madame Catarina at her website



It is also about Slave PJ her slave



Slave PJ is a 50 year old submissive male who spent far too long denying the slave inside. As the desires grew he embarked on lots of furtive visits to mistresses in the UK and over the years developed a yearning for slavery that went beyond the session and dungeon. Madame Catarina had long been an inspiration to him and when he finally plucked up the courage to visit her, his life changed forever

This blog is mostly about the journey but it is more than that. It is a homage to the most beautiful and cruel goddess Madame Catarina

About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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