Baptised into Madame Catarina’s Slavery

I stood at the bottom of the staircase and gazed up. I had stood in this exact position a couple of months ago. That was in a previous life. I had ascended the stairs a free man and descended as Madame Catarina’s slave. And here I was again about to climb these stairs again and enter deeper into my goddesses slavery and have her control over me strengthened further still.

Madame Catarina was going to baptise me as her slave

I had been told how to prepare for my initiation and had followed my instructions to the letter. My pubic hair was neatly trimmed and in my bag I carried my most treasured possessions; a leash and a leather dog collar with a brass name tag attached with the words ‘Property of Madame Catarina’ engraved upon it.  I also carried with me a chilled bottle of sparkling wine for Madame Catarina to toast my formal entry into her slavery.

I had no idea what to expect apart from the fact my training would be much harder than it had been on my first visit. I knew I was honoured to be accepted as her slave and I knew she was going to baptise me with a slave name.

From the first moment I stepped into her chambers what seemed a lifetime ago I had become her property. With her power and beauty she had effortlessly shown me my place in life; within seconds of meeting her I was crawling on all fours desperately trying to kiss and lick her heels. In that one wonderful session Madame Catarina had converted me completely into to her helpless slave.

Shortly after the session I had e-mailed Madame Catarina to thank her for such a wonderful experience and I received a reply informing me that next time she was going to strengthen my slave training. I knew then beyond all doubt that I was helplessly, irretrievably and totally hers. My role in life was to serve her, to be controlled by her and to be used by her. I wanted only to be trained by her and moulded into the slave she required. I knew then I had become her property.

I climbed the stairs swiftly and rang the bell to Madame Catarina’s chambers, the door opened slowly and I stepped in.

Within minutes I was kneeling naked before Madame Catarina with my balls tightly bound. As I knelt there gazing upon my beautiful goddess and owner I knew there was no place on earth I would rather be. She was wearing the thigh length leather boots I had bought for her from her Amazon wish list at the beginning of the year and a leather skirt and corset. I presented my goddess with the gifts I had brought, the collar and tag, leash and chilled wine amongst other gifts a card and poem. Madame Catarina liked the gifts and the collar I had brought with the inscribed tag. I could see that it amused her to have me bring the symbols of her ownership to her. She beckoned me toward her with the collar and lead and I moved toward her on my knees.

I bowed my head as she had taught me to in our previous session and Madame Catarina fitted me with collar and lead. In that moment something changed inside of me… I was hers completely and totally, nothing existed but Madame Catarina; She looked at me appraisingly as a cat looks at a mouse, I could see her thinking about how she was going to  test and play with her new acquisition, I realised I belonged to her completely, there was no freewill only service and obedience. In that moment I became complete.

I was granted the honour of lighting my goddesses’ cigarette and opening pouring the chilled wine into Madame Catarina’s glass.  I was the commanded to read the poem I had written for her. Kneeling naked as my goddess sat looking down on me with her cigarette, glass of wine and a cruel smile I read the poem meaning every word.

You are the Moon, You are Isis, and you are the goddess Epona

Yours is the light that fuels my dreams, that bridles my soul and constrains me

Like gossamer threads your words entice me, entwine me, and encase me


I am helpless


You are the Sun, You are Bast. You are Re

You are my deity; I can only gaze in awe at

The beauty that is before me

Your beauty shines so bright it burns, your words like cold steel

Command me, Control me, Rule Me.

I am owned


You are the Goddess, You are Madame Catarina

Owner of my soul, I exist only in your slavery

I serve only you, in body and in mind, your collar defines me

Like your heels on a cold, hard floor your words

Crush me, Torment me, complete me


I am blessed!

Kneeling with collar and lead fitted, my balls tightly bound and with the words ‘property of Madame Catarina’ written around my neck, I realised that this was only the beginning. I had given myself over to a life of pain, torture and degradation at her hands. I knew she was going to hurt me and degrade me more than I could ever imagine but I also knew it was a honour to suffer at her heels, an honour I knew I would need to prove myself worthy of.

Madame amused herself briefly playing with my nipples and applying the sole and heel of her boots to my cock and balls. She commented on the hardness of my cock and how maybe she would need to fit me with a chastity device. This only served to increase my excitement…I have long fantasized about Madame Catarina controlling my cock remotely and rationing my orgasms, what better symbol of ownership and control  than a chastity device. I was the instructed to worship her boots; I did so greedily with my tongue, the way she had trained me to at our last meeting.  I cleaned the whole of the boots with my eager tongue, from the very top of the thigh to the sole and heel. My life is full of dreams about worshiping Madame Catarina’s boots, but no dream or fantasy can compare to the reality, the texture and taste of the leather on the tongue, the smell of polished leather listening to Madams instructions as you work your tongue carefully into every nook and cranny, but most of all the excitement of being in her presence and knowing that punishment will be swift and painful when you make a mistake.

Madame Catarina called a halt to my boot cleaning when she was satisfied that her boots where clean.  I was rewarded with a splash of wine in a doggy bowl mixed with my goddesses’ saliva. I drank from the bowl on all fours as instructed, savouring the heady mix of wine and saliva. I gulped the saliva down greedily, savouring the taste on my tongue before swallowing it down. I wanted her spit inside of me, coursing through my veins, possessing me and controlling me. When I could lap up no more from the bowl I received a few judicious blows from the riding crop before being allowed to kneel up and finish the contents. As I knelt before Madame Catarina gazing into her eyes as I drained the contents of the doggy bowl she gave me my slave name. She named me as her property and I have never felt such sheer unalloyed joy before. I was complete at last.


My baptism over I was lead into another room in Madame Catarina’s chambers. I was told to sit in a chair a bit like a dentist’s chair only not so inviting. It was a chair I had never seen before but it looked like it meant business. Madame Catarina looked down on me and smiled and said she wanted to see how much pain her new toy could take and out came the electrics. She attached the clamps onto my nipples and cock and began to play with the current. At first the current caused feelings of ecstatic pleasure and I gazed up at her smiling and laughing face as she turned the dial and I could see real delight in her eyes as I writhed in agony.

Something strange happened to me then. I have never been really that into pain, my fantasies have always been more about humiliation and degradation. But seeing the amusement and joy of Madame Catarina as I suffered made me want to embrace the pain and offer it to her as a sort of gift. I wanted her desperately to hurt me more because it gave her pleasure, for the first time I realised how pure and beautiful masochisms could be…I wanted to suffer for her amusement and I did.

What followed was the most wonderful mix of pleasure and pain I have ever experienced. A combination of electrics, the milking machine and the pinwheel took me to places I have never before dreamed of. Madame Catarina transformed me into a pain junkie, when the pinwheel entered the eye of my cock the pain was excruciating but beautiful.  I worshipped her with every ounce of my body and soul, her domination of me was total and complete…I truly belonged to her completely.

Eventually Madame Catarina took a break from playing with her new toy, but only to long enough to lay the mummification bag on the tiled floor. I was told to get in which I dutifully did. Madame Catarina tightened the straps and I lay tightly bound and completely helpless in the leather sack.  Within in minutes my goddess had gained access to my cock and nipples and began work them with the milking machine and the heel and soles of her boots.

Journey 5

Eventually, I was instructed to gaze upon my goddess and cum. I did so with force, my whole body shuddered in ecstasy as I gazed upon my goddess in complete devotion and gratitude.

As soon as my orgasm was over Madame Catarina presented me with her cum covered boots.  Restrained in the sack I greedily and desperately let my tongue get to work licking and swallowing my salty cum from her boots.

When satisfied that her boots were clean, she stood up and with her heels clicking on the tiled floor left the room…

As I lay there cocooned in the mummification bag and the salty taste of cum in my mouth I knew I was helpless. Even if or when she released me and I stepped out of her chambers into the vanilla world I was helpless. She had stamped her ownership on my soul and I was her slave existing only to obey and worship her.

And I knew how blessed I was.


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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