Deeper into Madame Catarina’s Slavery

I had been looking forward to my next session with my goddess and owner Madame Catarina for weeks. A delayed flight and travel chaos across Berlin had not managed to stop me presenting myself, clean and tidy and on time before Madame Catarina. I was a bit frazzled on arrival at her saloon, but as always the session started at the door and within minutes I was kneeling naked before my goddess.

I knew that this session would be a session with a difference. I knew that any preferences I might have discussed in previous sessions would no longer have any bearing on this session. I had after all willingly become the property of Madame Catarina and as her slave I knew that she would bend me to her will. I knew that I was hers…completely and totally…my only desire was to be used by her however she saw fit.

Once she had fitted me with my collar and lead Madame Catarina explained to me what I was to become.  As I dutifully cleaned her boots with my willing tongue and offered myself as her ashtray she told me that she had decided that she would train me as an all-round slave regardless of any fetish interests I might have. She required a slave she could use when and how she wished, whether as a boot slave, a whipping boy, an actor and servant for her other mistress friends.


My heart leapt as she told me this as my tongue greedily worked the leather of her boots, I was in seventh heaven as I greedily licked the soles and sucked the heels of her divine boots periodically offering my open mouth  to receive the ash from her cigarette. This was more than I ever dared hope for. What my goddess had described was what I had dreamt of all my life.

It is difficult to explain the importance of my goddesses words to the uninitiated. For as long as I can remember I have held a burning desire to be owned and controlled that goes far beyond session play. On first meeting Madame Catarina I knew my life had changed irrevocably, freewill had very quickly become a thing of the past as I became her property and desired only to journey deeper and deeper into her slavery. I craved only her absolute domination of me in all things.

As soon as I declared that I had finished cleaning her boots and he had inspected them I was taken across to the caning bench and strapped in tightly. To tell the truth I have never really been into caning and whipping that much but I was desperate to please my goddess and presented my arse dutifully to the whip. What followed was the hardest and most exhilarating spanking session I have ever experienced. Madame Catarina slowly built up the pain levels, with whips, paddles and riding crops. Once more Madame Catarina was showing me the beauty of pain. I wanted to wrap myself up in a cocoon of such delicious pain as with each stroke she made me even more her property and I was converted to the power of Madame Catarina’s whip. My whole body craved the next delicious biting stroke and surge of pain and to see Madame Catarina’s obvious delight reflected in the mirror with each of my pain induced yelps.

Once released from the whipping bench I wondered what it would be like to feel my goddesses whip rain down on different parts of my body. To see her smile or to hear her laugh at my discomfort as pain shot through me or to be whipped until I bled and forced to lick my goddesses whip clean of my unsightly blood. The whipping had raised in me a desire to be completely and absolutely dominated by my owner…it was as if I no longer existed, or only existed as an object for my goddess to use. I have never felt such deep and all-consuming feelings of absolute ownership before…I existed solely to serve Madame Catarina in absolutely anyway she wished…I was indeed her property.

The time passed in a kind of ecstatic delirium, as Madame Catarina  fitted me with a bit between my teeth and rode me like her horse whilst commanding me to comb the tangled knots from the fringes of her floor rug. Any mistakes were deftly dealt with by judicious use of the whip or heels. When my goddess was satisfied that the rug was tangle free  she fitted me with nipple clamps and commanded me to  catalogue her boot collection….each new box revealed an exquisite pair of boots that my goddess had used in a movie…my mind raced with each new revelation and I knew without a shadow of a doubt this was where I belonged…my mind raced with thoughts and recollections of how each pair of boots had been used  to torment her slaves.  In one box lay the leather thigh length lace up boots with steel toecaps that Madame Catarina wore in movies like Bootlicker Doggy day 2 and New Candidate 2, in another the grey suede knee length boots that Madame wore in bootlicker day revival and in another the chaps used in El Poos more recent photo shoots. Each box contained treasures that set my mind racing with thoughts of how each had been used in a movie and of course how they might be used with me in future.

When I had completed my task Madame Catarina spat into the doggie bowl and commanded me to lap it all up. I did so greedily…it is a great honour to be allowed to swallow my goddess’s saliva…to feel it inside of me as if extending her control of me from within.

Naively I thought my dedication to my owner and goddess could not be more complete. How foolish I was…as she started to torment my sore nipples I gazed into her eyes and truly realised that she could do absolutely anything she wished with me. I was hers completely and utterly, I would rejoice in however she wished to use me. And use me she did….subjecting me to the most exquisite nipple torture, I have never felt such love, adoration and worship as when staring into Madame Catarina’s eyes as she laughed and smiled whilst she  caused me such excruciating pain.

My goddess then treated me to a host of delights allowing me to help her put on the shoulder length leather gloves I had bought her as a token of my devotion. What followed was the most pure and spiritual experience of my life to date. My goddess took me and used me wholly for her pleasure, smothering me and treating me to prolonged face sitting, breath play, more nipple torture, whipping and trampling. I belonged completely to her. The world ceased to exist, there was only Madame Catarina using me and controlling me, filling all my senses and taking me to places I never knew existed. She took me to levels of pain ecstasy I had no conception of and introduced me to feelings and sensations of breath taking intensity. I existed on a different plane of existence as Madame Catarina transformed me into her complete and total slave. She commanded me to kneel upon the whipping bench and gaze into her eyes. As I did so she continued to tortured my nipples and trample my cock beneath her boots.

As I gazed into her eyes as she expertly tortured my nipples and worked my cock beneath her heels I could see the pleasure in her face. I have never been happier than the moment I saw such exquisite joy on my Mistresses face. To know my devotion gave her such pleasure gave me the deepest feeling of rapture. On her command my cock exploded spilling my cum across her boots as she tugged harder on my nipple clamps and gazed beatifically upon my shuddering body.  Once I had finished my orgasm I was presented with my goddesses cum covered boots and I began greedily to lick her boots clean.

I found the licking and swallowing of my cum from my goddesses boots a wonderfully spiritual and beautiful experience. What could be more befitting for a slave than to continue in his Mistresses service long after his own gratification. I continued for a long while clearing up my mess until eventually Madame Catarina decided that my tongue was no longer up to the job and I was given proper cleaning equipment. Once my goddess was satisfied that everything was scrupulously clean I was ordered to kneel down and await instructions.

To my delight Madame Catarina revealed several pairs of boots that required cleaning…I set to work with polish and brushes glad to be of service.  I was left to complete my task unsupervised but I knew that any slipshod work would be punished. Just as I was completing my task Madame Catarina appeared before me looking radiant. She had changed into clothes suitable for going out for a meal. I was ordered to get showered and dressed and allowed to escort her to a restaurant.

There I had the greatest pleasure in dining with the most beautiful, intelligent and warm person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I knew beyond any doubt that I belonged to her completely and totally. Whatever she wished me to do I knew I would do it without question. I was owned absolutely by Madame Catarina, I was her property and I was honoured beyond belief to be called her slave.



About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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