Following the Virtual Goddess


Madame Catarina had inspired me for years. Long before I took the practical actions that resulted in my standing at the bottom of her staircase prior to taking those final steps, Madame Catarina had fuelled my slave fantasies and influenced my sessions with mistresses in the UK. In many ways Madame Catarina was shaping me into her slave long before I met her or indeed had any contact with her

It is small wonder then that I am now so fully her property. Those earlier movies that awoke such adoration and devotion in me are still available to download.

For the uninitiated I have set out a few websites below so anyone can find out more about my goddess, watch and download movies and maybe make the first steps into her slavery. For the devoted followers and slaves of Madame Catarina there may be a couple of sites that are old forgotten friends which may bring back fond and painful memories

The obvious starting point would be Madame Catarina’s website


This outlines Madame Catarina’s philosophy and contains photographs, stories and some of the services she offers

There is also a link to Madame Catarina’s wish list which I found an invaluable place to start serving my goddess and owner and continue to do so.

Then there is the marvellous Domina Movies website.


The member’s area includes

MCinema with 121 full movies with a running time of 97:05 hrs and a total of 1705 photos

MCinemClassic: 11 movies with a running time of 9:52hrs, 12 fetish clips at a total of 2:46hrs and a 46 picture gallery

In addition there is a selection of private galleries

And look out for the shop with DVDs and personal items for sale.


Madame Catarina also has several Clips 4 sale sites

There is the most recent where the movies in the members area of MCinema are available to purchase as downloads


And sites dedicated to archive material





And of course for the latest news  there is always Madame Catarina’s Facebook page


All these and their forbears delivered me into Madame Catarina’s slavery

They have a very special place in my heart


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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