House Slave for Madame Catarina-Part One

 On a previous visit to Berlin my mistress and owner Madame Catarina had baptised me as her slave and assumed ownership of me. I had willingly become her property and placed myself entirely at her disposal…I was hers to do with as she wished. Since my baptism Madame Catarina had put me through some rigorous training and was quite impressed with how I took the whip. She had decided that this would form part of my future training. On that occasion Madame Catarina had granted me the honour of being allowed to escort out to dinner. Over a rare steak she had outlined her plans for my slave training; she had decided that I was to be trained as a general slave.

 She would use me how and when she pleased, I quite obviously would have no say in the matter…I was her property and would be used however she pleased. She would train me to take hard punishment from the whips and canes, how to be a proper human ash tray and boot slave. One of my most important duties would be that of house slave were I would be taught how to clean and tidy Madame Catarina’s dungeon, clothes and equipment and as I have some skills in the kitchen I would be allowed to prepare meals for my owner. Madame Catarina would teach me correct slave etiquette and train me in absolute and total obedience inside and outside of the dungeon. When I had made sufficient progress I would be allowed me to serve herself and her mistress friends in her saloon and elsewhere.

 I gazed in awe and wonder at my owner from across the table and knew that I belonged totally and completely to her, whatever she wished me to do I would do without question, whatever, she wished me to become I would become gladly…I truly had become her property.


A couple of months later and I found myself once more on the plane to Berlin. Circumstances had conspired to keep away for much longer than I thought possible and by the time I booked my next session I could think of little else other than my mistress and owner.  Madame Catarina had kept in touch over the long weeks encouraging me to share my thoughts and feelings about my slavery with her and outlining how she might use me in our next session. I had never shared my deepest thoughts and longing for slavery and domination before and I knew that by sharing these with Madame Catarina she would use them to control me more completely. I realised that this was what I wanted more than anything else. In writing down my thoughts on slavery for Madame Catarina I realised how completely and totally I was owned…how after years of denying or subverting the slave within me Madame Catarina had shown me who I was and what I could become.


Although I could not get to Berlin for a while I could at least send my goddess gifts. If I cannot give myself to my mistress in person to be used I find sending gifts or completing tasks she has set me the next best thing. I have sent Madame Catarina many gifts over the years and I am elated when she takes pleasure in them. As my mistress, owner and goddess I can’t help but feel that she should have beautiful things and that being her slave means that anything I can do to make her life more pleasant I should do.

  I must also admit that it gives me a feeling of extreme pleasure when I see Madame Catarina using items in her movies that I have sent her as gifts. It forges a kind of tangible connection to her world and that my adoration and devotion is of some use to my goddess. It also make me realise how lucky I am to be allowed to serve her and be counted among her stable of willing slaves.


The week before I was due to take up my position as house slave Madame Catarina began to e-mail me, giving me instructions and tweeting me messages such as ‘Do you count the days when you return back to Germany to serve me?’ and ‘There is a lot of work waiting in my dungeon but also a lot of thing to test on you’ messages guaranteed to blow by mind and raise my levels of excitement and anticipation about serving my goddess and owner higher. I don’t know how I managed to get through that week…I could not concentrate on my work, I could think of nothing else but Madame Catarina. I could feel her power and ownership of me strengthen with each message or instruction. I tried my best to concentrate on the small tasks she had set me: I had to prepare a menu that met with Madame Catarina’s approval, I was told where I must buy the ingredients once in Berlin and I had to purchase and send pet tags to my owner inscribed with the words ‘Property of Madame Catarina’.


 After my first visit, Madame Catarina had ordered me to get a pet tag similarly inscribed for myself so that I could wear it on a chain around my neck as a mark of her ownership of me. I wear this constantly like a collar and just like the collar that is kept locked in Madame Catarina’s cupboard it is one of my most treasured possessions. Madame Catarina explained that she wanted the tags to use it when she was doing escorts outside where the slave couldn’t wear a collar…I found this idea really exciting. I Imagined Madame Catarina out in the street with a slave, he was wearing the pet tag, just like he would a collar in the dungeon. I thought of Madame Catarina exerting all the control and power she does in the dungeon out in the street. I wondered what this would feel like; being out in public and being pledge to complete and total obedience with Madame Catarina’s wicked sense of humour and love of humiliating her slaves at the front of your mind.

 This idea played on my mind until finally the day of my flight to Berlin arrived. I had been counting the days and hours until I would enter my owners presence once more and with less than 24 hours to go my excitement was at fever pitch. I knew I would spend the following morning shopping for ingredients before being summoned by Madame Catarina. Whilst at the airport I received an e-mail which instructed me to purchase a German SIM card once in Berlin so that my owner could contact me easily. This I dutifully did and managed to fit it once I arrived in my hotel.

 Once I had forwarded the relevant details I was informed by Madame Catarina that she was would be sessioning with Lady Caprice that evening and as it looked like it would be a heavy session I would be cleaning the dungeon. I was told I would be summoned when required. My mind almost exploded with excitement. I could hardly believe that my Goddess and the beautiful Lady Caprice where less than 500m away from me putting a slave through his paces. I lay there tormented all night thinking about what the lucky slave was experiencing and what would await me the following day.  I slept fitfully, feeling Madame Catarina’s control settle over me, knowing I could be summoned at any time.



In the morning my levels of anticipation were through the roof I could think of nothing else but my goddess and owner. My day started with a text from Madame Catarina and the importance of the changes I had made to my phone became immediately apparent. Madame Catarina asked me if I was wearing my chain and tag. I texted back respectfully that I was and it was an honour to be allowed to wear it. Madame Catarina’s next message stated quite simply that my phone would be used exclusively by her to contact, control and summon me.

 I knew it would be several hours before I would be allowed to attend my owner in her saloon but the idea of being her remote controlled slave excited me beyond belief. My morning was filled with errands and instructions, I was told to buy items of shopping for my goddess, where to have lunch, what to eat and where to sit and wait. With each text message I found her control over me strengthen and tighten. When finally the summons to her chambers came I moved as if in a trance.

As I stood at the bottom of the stairs leading to her saloon I thought back to previous visits when it seemed I had some kind of freewill. I knew now that this was an illusion…Madame Catarina had reached out and conquered me long before I set foot in her saloon. I knew that that she ruled me and I made my way up the stairs to offer myself completely to my goddess and owner. 

I rang the bell and the door opened and I stepped in. I have never seen Madame Catarina looking more radiant and beautiful. Her beauty washed over me, she was so beautiful it made me physically ache to gaze upon her. Madame Catarina looked every centimetre the goddess she is, she was wearing a pair of wet look leggings that I had sent her and which fitted her like a second skin, she also wore a matching wet look top, her favourite studded and mesh blouse and an exquisite pair of ankle boots. Madame Catarina led me into her saloon and looked into my eyes…I could feel her gaze boring into my soul…I knew the next 24 hours would be quite unlike anything I had ever experienced, I knew I was going to enter deep into her slavery and I wanted nothing else

……to becontinued



About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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