House Slave of Madame Catarina Part 2


 Madame Catarina instructed me to take off my clothes and place them in the trunk and then take up my customary position with my hands behind back as Madame Catarina had taught me previously.

Closing the trunk Madame Catarina told me I would not be seeing my clothes again until she decided otherwise. To be honest I never wanted to see my clothes or phone or any other connection to the outside world ever again. I was where I belonged and where I always long to be, at the mercy of my goddess and owner Madame Catarina.

 Deftly but tightly my owner bound my cock and balls and supervised me as I stored the ingredients for her evening meal in her kitchen. This done I was escorted back into the saloon and allowed to kneel before my owner. I never attend Madame Catarina without taking a gift and a card. I do not know why a slave would not take gifts for his mistress. On this occasion I offered my owner an antique necklace and earrings and a poem. Madame Catarina read my poem and smiled and saying she liked it very much reached over to me and began to massage my nipples. As I gasped in pleasure she increased the pressure and laughing she said ‘we shall see’:


 A Slave’s Prayer to Madame Catarina

For the slave that kneels before you

You shine more brightly than the brightest star

You burn more intensely than the sun

You are his empress and his queen

You are the centre of his universe

You are his goddess

His owner

The slave that kneels before you

 Has been baptised into your slavery

You have named him and made him yours

He worships only you

He is owned by you

He is your property

You have named him and made him yours

 The Slave that kneels before you

Exists only to serve you

To be controlled by you

To be used by you

To be trained by you

To be forged by you

The slave that kneels before you

Begs to serve

 Then Madame Catarina inspected the necklace and earrings as I watched on in trepidation. I was not sure if she would like the gift and I knew if the gift met with her displeasure the consequences would be dire. Thankfully she was pleased with the gift and immediately wore the earrings and instructed me to fasten the necklace. My heart felt that it would burst with joy and honour as I attached the necklace around my goddesses beautiful neck. I looked on in wonder as she admired her gifts in the mirror.

 Madame Catarina then bestowed on me the greatest gift any slave could wish for.

 She presented me with my collar. Kneeling before her I bowed my head as she had instructed me to and received my collar. I always feel that this moment is a kind of sacrament or contract between owner and slave. The tightness of the collar cements the bond of ownership. The hood followed and then the slave harness. Smiling Madame Catarina pointed to the dog bowl on the floor instructing me that I must seek permission to drink and of course to use the toilet, then she allowed me a brief glimpse in the mirror so I could see how she had transformed me and then led me by my cock lead to her dungeon.

I knelt on the floor with my hands behind my back as instructed as my goddess outlined the tasks she wished me to complete. I was set to work, changing candles and cleansing and tidying the dungeon. It was obvious that the double trouble session with Lady Caprice had been very hard. I tidied up several mean looking whips and canes, gags, cock restraints, pin wheels and an array of instruments that made me feel a little uneasy. Some of the things looked really painful. I thought that the slave must have really been really into pain…or maybe not.  I knew only too well my owner was a true sadist who genuinely delighted in inflicting pain. I do not know but I guessed Lady Caprice shared Madame Catarina’s passion for pain.


 I was aware at any moment I might subject me to a brutal canning or Madame Catarina may wish to interrogate me or torture me with the very instruments I was cleaning. As her property she could do with me what she wished…but nonetheless I could not help but feel genuine fear as I looked around the dungeon. Madame Catarina had shown me the intense joy to be found in pain previously, but seeing her arsenal of pain inducing instruments en masse was both terrifying and very exciting. I had no doubt that Madame Catarina had known the effect this would have on me. The mixture of terror and excitement spurred me on to be even more diligent in my work.


I continued to carry out tasks throughout Madame Catarina’s saloon polishing boots, coiling ropes, hovering and cleaning equipment. Once each task was completed I would crawl into Madame Catarina’s saloon and in front of her desk kneel with my head bowed and my hands behind back and speak the words –‘The job is done Madame Catarina’. Sometimes she would ignore me, other times she would simply instruct me on my next task and other times she would stand up collect her whip from the desk and allow me to crawl behind her as she inspected the quality of my work. I knew from previous experience that any dissatisfaction would be swiftly punished. With each task completed and each inspection I could feel her ownership of me deepen.


 When all the tasks I had been set were completed Madame Catarina gave her dungeon a very long and thorough inspection. My heart was in my mouth as my goddess prowled her dungeon, her heels echoing menacingly on the tiled floor as she inspected the equipment. I knew that shoddy work would be punished severely. Gazing at my owner, looking so unutterably beautiful, in her own dungeon, surrounded by her instruments of pain and correction something changed deep inside of me.


There was no world other than here and now, there was no life other than this, Madame Catarina was my goddess and she possessed and ruled every single fibre in my body and soul…I had no existence other than what she bestowed upon me.

 Madame Catarina must have sensed this shift in me and smiling led me on all fours to the bathroom door. Pushing the door open she smiled and laughing she said that I had some more cleaning to do and produced what she referred to as her favourite piece of equipment. I think the technical term is a Forniphilic gag; it is a full head harness including a mouthpiece. Madame Catarina deftly fixed the harness to my head and forced the mouthpiece and tube into my open mouth and secured them.

Stepping back to admire her handiwork Madame Catarina smiled the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. It was the cruellest of smiles but also a smile of pure joy.  As I knelt there hooded and harnessed I felt my slavery deepen further.



About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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