House Slave of Madame Catarina Part 3


03.03 t

Madame Catarina smiled as she revealed the toilet brush before inserting it into my eager mouth and securing it tight in the harness. She then gestured to the toilet and told me to get to work. I placed my head inside of the toilet bowl and began to scrub for all I was worth encouraged by Madame Catarina who was clapping and laughing, taking photos and saying how much she loved her job. She shouted instructions, telling me to make sure I cleaned under the rim, pointing out stains and telling me to put my head deeper in the toilet all the time encouraging me with kicks to my cock and balls and the occasional whip across my ass and grabbing my hood and forcing my head deeper into the toilet.


Madame called my scrubbing to a halt and told me to kneel down facing away from the toilet and into the hallway. She told me that I better not look or it would go very bad with me and I heard the beautiful sound of Madame Catarina relieving herself in the cleaned toilet. ‘I think you have not finished your job yet’ she said smiling and nodding towards the toilet…’I think it needs cleaning again’ I crawled towards the toilet eagerly and began once more to scrub as my owner shrieked with laughter. I was filled with gratitude to Madame Catarina for making me her toilet brush…I felt a surging of love and adoration for my owner and goddess for making me into her toy.


The nearness of my mistresses’ champagne was overwhelming and I would have loved to drink my fill from the toilet bowl, but I knew obedience was all. As Madame’s Catarina’s property I had no freewill, any thoughts or desires I may have had were worthless. She would allow me the honour of tasting her champagne if and when she thought me worthy. She controlled me absolutely; my every action and every thought belonged to her.

 I was then allowed to clean the toilet properly with a cloth and disinfectant before reluctantly having to flush my goddesses golden champagne away. As I watched the last vestiges flush away Madame Catarina smiled and said ‘next time you will use your tongue’. I knew then without a shadow of a doubt that my life had become hers as she removed the toilet brush from my mouth and instructed me to clean the rest of the bathroom. I did so dutifully under Madame Catarina’s watchful supervision until she was satisfied that the bathroom was spotless.


Madame Catarina then led me to the dungeon by my cock and balls and ordered me to kneel. I did so obediently. Madame Catarina paced the dungeon, each step echoing in my ears as her heels struck the hard floor. My mind raced, I had no idea how she would use me for and did not really care. I do not know what Madame Catarina had done to me but she had taken total ownership of my soul. I had no thoughts that she did not control, no purpose other than to be her slave, I existed only as her slave and thing. I gazed into her eyes in awe and adoration when she removed the Forniphilic gag and placed a mouse trap with a damp cloth attached into my mouth. I gazed lovingly into her eyes as Madame Catarina attached the long pole to my collar. I knew I had become my owners mop and brush and I knew this is where I belonged and who and what I had always wanted to be. I knew I was insignificant and worthless, my goddess was all, I was her property, my existence was defined by her, whatever she wished me to become I would become.

unnamed (1) 03.03.f

Madame Catarina forced my head to the floor with the sole of her boot and I became her mop, cleaning frantically, being guided by my owner with the pole attached to my collar and the lead attached to my cock and balls. Her whip rained down on my exposed ass and my balls were subjected to the occasional kick from her divine boots. She worked her new mop hard, pushing my willing head into every corner of the dungeon. I don’t know how long I cleaned the floor in this way, but with every passing minute I could feel Madame Catarina’s power and ownership seep deeper into my very bones. My life had been building up to this moment since first seeing a photograph of Madame Catarina. Every fibre of my being belonged to her…I was hopelessly and completely her property.

 unnamed (3)

When satisfied that the dungeon floor was clean Madame Catarina removed the sodden cloth from my mouth and led me into another dungeon. I followed obediently and climbed up onto the bench as instructed.  I gazed helplessly up at Madame Catarina began to strap me down tightly. With each strap I became more helpless and I embraced this with all my heart. I wanted to be completely immobile for my mistress. I wanted to be completely and totally at her mercy. I existed only for her pleasure and service. I was her property to be used however she wished…this was my only reason for being. Her power washed over me and with every additional strap tightened my adoration and devotion to her increased. My body ached for her touch whether pleasure or pain it did not matter, my soul longed for her complete and total domination. I gazed in awe at my owner as she deftly trussed my throbbing cock and played me like a musical instrument.

unnamed (7)

As Madame Catarina ordered me to open my mouth and proceeded to spit her saliva into my greedy mouth I realised that she owned my life. As I swallowed hard taking her precious spit deep down into my body, I could feel her power and control growing deep inside of me, controlling me from within. I no longer existed other than as a bundle of sensations, there was only Madame Catarina. I could feel the delicious flick of her whip on my exposed nipples and cock and the warm pain as she attached the nipple clamps. I gazed lovingly into her eyes as she attached the head harness and mouthpiece. My slave heart leapt for joy as she placed the funnel into the harness and mouthpiece and I knew from her smile that whatever was about to happen would take me much deeper into her slavery.

 unnamed (5)

Smiling she told me she had things to do and leaning in close whispered to me that she had a present for her house slave.

To be continued…



About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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