House Slave of Madame Catarina Part 4

Image Pouring Ice from a container into the funnel Madame Catarina told me it was rather special ice. It was my mistresses golden shower…frozen.  With this she left the room. I lay bound tightly to the bench, my engorged cock tightly bound and the clamps biting sharply on my nipples and I waited patiently for the ice to melt so I could savour my mistresses champagne. I was desperate to taste my owner’s wonderful piss. She had used me as a toilet brush and now she was making me her toilet.

I knew I was blest; I had spent years dreaming of this moment I was frantic with anticipation. I wanted to quench my thirst on her beautiful golden champagne, I wanted to drink my fill as her toilet and feel the sacred liquid enter me so she could dominate and control me more fully. And then the first trickle came and I took my first taste of Madame Catarina’s chilled champagne. I savoured the first salty drops entering my dry mouth and throat before eagerly swallowing and feeling the magic potion begin to work within me.  I marvelled at how my goddess could dominate me so absolutely and completely, even when she was not there. I knew beyond any doubt that my life belonged to her absolutely and completely…in my mind I would do anything for her, absolutely anything…it seemed as if my whole life had been building towards this moment. I was entering into a deeper form of slavery than I had ever known possible. As I lay there immobile the ice continued to melt slowly and the trickle became a steady stream.  I drank deeply of the wonderful elixir, feeling it entering deeply into me and savouring the delicious taste and the effect it was having on me.  I have never tasted anything as beautiful or as intoxicating in my life. I tried to suck in every last drop of my mistresses’ nectar desperate to have as much of her piss as possible inside of me.

Just as I was draining the last vestiges of my goddesses’ champagne from the funnel Madame Catarina returned to the room. She smiled and congratulated me on drinking it all up as she tilted the funnel slightly and spat into it. Her saliva mingling with the last drops of her champagne poured in to my eager mouth as she left the room once more leaving me happy and helpless upon the bench.


After a while my goddess and owner returned I gazed up at her in a combination of longing and fear. I could tell from the way she brandished the whip that she was in search of amusement. She removed the funnel and head harness and placed them on the dungeon floor and deftly removed the nipple clamps. I could feel the pain building as the circulation returned to my nipples when Madame Catarina began to use the riding crop on them. The pain was excruciating as the crop rained down on my sensitive nipples and I flinched involuntarily. Madame Catarina laughed as she said that this was real pain before taking my nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezing. The sharp pain surged through my whole body taking me to a new level of excitement.

Madame Catarina then released my arms from there restraints and took her seat at the head of the bench behind me.  She rested her stockinged feet on my face allowing me to breathe in the wonderful scent and to brush my lips gratefully across the soles of her divine feet before instructing me to massage her aching feet. I did so dutifully as all the time Madame Catarina instructed to massage harder. My goddess moved position to allow me better purchase and I massaged her beautiful feet for all I was worth. Lying there on the bench with my cock still trussed up and my lower body strapped down I worked diligently at my goddesses’ feet. I knew then my future belonged to her, my only desire was to spend it in her service.


Madame Catarina was eventually satisfied and content with her foot massage decided to release me from the bench. I was ordered to wash and shower and then report to my mistress in the kitchen. I did as instructed and reported to my mistress kneeling, hands behind my back and head bowed as she had taught me. I was instructed to stand and Madame Catarina applied a humbler to my balls. I was then instructed to prepare the table and cook my goddess the special meal I had promised. 


  I lurched around the kitchen in an ungainly fashion trying to prepare the food but struggling with the restrictions of the humbler much to the amusement of my owner. Madame Catarina was so amused by my antics that she took numerous photos and sent them to her mistress friends for comment sharing with me these comments. As Madame Catarina shared with me some suggestions as what she should do with me from Lady Caprice I realised that her ownership of me went far deeper than I had thought. I realised for the first time that as Madame Catarina’s property she could dispose of me as she wished. The idea frightened me and excited me in equal measure. I was frightened that one day Madame Catarina might sell or give me to another mistress and I would never be allowed to serve her again. I was excited at the prospect of being of use to my owner in as many ways as possible.

 Eventually the humbler was removed and I continued to cook and wait on for my goddess and when at last the meal was ready. I served the meal nervously, I hoped beyond all hope that my owner would enjoy the dish I had prepared. I knelt nervously awaiting her verdict. She expressed her delight with the food and I felt elated, pleased beyond belief to be of use to my goddess and owner.


 Generously, Madame Catarina decided to share her meal with me. She spooned the food into a doggie bowl and poured wine into another and adding a generous portion of her saliva in each placed the bowls on the floor under the table and ordered me to eat and drink. I ate my goddesses spit first swallowing it greedily knowing that the finest chefs in the world could not create anything as magical. Madame Catarina used me as a foot stool as she ate constantly drawing her heels across my exposed back before instructing me to lie on my back as she wished to use me as a foot mat.

Madame Catarina idly ground her heels into my cock, balls and nipples occasionally placing the soles and heels of her boots tantalisingly close to my mouth. I gazed up at my goddess drinking in her beauty, her smile, her eyes, her hair, the way the light played on her beautiful features and delicate fingers. The way the stockings showed through the lacing in the wet look leggings and of course the way the soles and heels of her boots explored my prostrate body. A peacefulness enveloped me, it was like the last piece of the jigsaw had been slotted into place and I had become whole. As my goddess led me away to her dungeon I knew my transformation was complete…I had truly become her slave.

 To be continued….

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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  1. ayck says:

    Slave ice…….. delicious

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