From The Vaults – Slave Training Movie Revisited

Madame Catarina’s interview with Lady Saskia is now available in English here


 The interview gives a wonderful insight into the mind of a true lifestyle mistress, her excitement on her initial discovery of BDSM and her genuine pleasure in her art. With each reading of the interview I find myself even more grateful that Madame Catarina has allowed me to become her property and allows me to serve her. The interview is a must read for any prospective slaves.

Details on how to apply to serve Madame Catarina are available here


 From The Vaults

I have outlined in other posts my long journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery ( The Road to Damascus:Some Thoughts on Total Submission and The Making of a Slave Some Thoughts) in those posts I make a passing reference to the importance of Madame Catarina’s movies in my journey into her slavery. This is true not only of my journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery but also my development as a slave more generally. Madame Catarina’s movies were often the inspiration for my play with other mistresses and ultimately this gave me the experience, confidence and courage to enter into her slavery.

I thought now might be a good time  to take a little time to reflect and revisit some of Madame Catarina’s earlier movies and  think about how they have affected me over the years.

Obviously Madame Catarina’s new movies continue to inspire and shape me and the new HD format is superb. The new Leather Slave movie looks set to be amazing!


 Looking back I I have decided to go back to the beginning  and to Madame Catarina’s first extended movie filmed I think in Studio Tartarus.  I think it must be over ten years old and the picture quality reflects this is and the editing not the smooth seamless transition we are used to nowadays

It is available at Madame Catarina femd dom movies a clips for sale site.


There is a link from Madame Catarina’s website


 I am sorry I cannot provide a direct link from WordPress …I tried once before and was suspended!

I am sure many long term fans of Madame Catarina can still remember the excitement of getting this movie ,the first proper Madame Catarina movie. Prior to this there were only a few clips on the Studio Tartarus website and these only in the members area and impossible to access from UK. So for me this movie was my first opportunity to see and hear Madame Catarina in action.


  Madame Catarina Slave Training 29 minutes $32.99

Language:German no sub titles

Circa 2004

 The movie begins with Madame Catarina sat upon a throne looking radiantly beautiful and dressed in leather. From her thigh length boots, to leather studded choker, her short leather skirt, leather gloves, leather bodice and fine silk stockings and whip in her hand Madame Catarina is every centimetre the goddess.

In a world with hundreds of Madame Catarina clips and movies and almost weekly updates it is difficult to remember let alone convey the impact of this footage of Madame Catarina as a real life living and breathing goddess. I can remember this opening shot making me short of breath and my heart rate racing…it still does.


Within moments of this opening shot the slave is called and presents himself before Madame Catarina. He is inspected in a very short scene that conveys Madame Catarina’s majesty as she prowls around the unsuspecting slave before ordering him to kneel and crawl at her heels before being commanded to kiss her boots.

It is easy to look back on a movie of this vintage with rose tinted spectacles imbuing it with more meaning and purpose than it originally had by dint of it being the first. However, the feelings of menace and explosive sexual tension are palpable and undeniable still. The hooding and collaring of the slave scenes are breath taking. I can remember thinking that this was what I wanted more than anything else in the world….to be hooded and collared by Madame Catarina.

This is very much still the case

There is a cutaway to a short scene were the slave is restrained and wearing a slave harness and we see Madame Catarina begin the nipple torture before cutting away to the slave being led to the whipping bench and strapped on securely.  I can still remember the excitement  on first watching this and the desperate need I felt to offer myself completely and totally to this goddess I could see  in a movie doing what up until then I had only seen in my head.

At the time of first watching I was not really into the whipping scenes that followed with flogger

strap, paddle and cane. All that has changed now as Madame Catarina has taught me the beauty and pleasure that lies in her whip and offering up myself for her amusement but at the time I was not really in to whipping. The scenes are very mild by today’s standards


After a short and quite menacing interlude of leading the slave to a cage and trampling and whipping the slave is led out again and this time strapped to the rack.

What follows is beautiful:, a helpless slave and Madame Catarina amusing herself  with nipple torture, electrics, Wartenberg wheels and various other instruments. In this scene we see Madame Catarina as a sensual sadist moving from gentle and erotic teasing to intense pain all reinforced by her spitting into the willing slave’s mouth. I love this section …it captures the beauty of slavery, of the helplessness and the existing for the amusement of Madame Catarina


There is a short final scene where we see the slave kneeling before Madame Catarina as she explains to him that he has become her slave

The movie has a simple but poignant narrative as the nervous slave is transformed through hood, collar and harness, the whip and the cage to Madame Catarina’s plaything and ultimately her property. Looking back now as the property of Madame Catarina I can see what a huge influence this movie has had on me

The Movie also contains a behind the scenes feature which I have always found incredibly exciting. The feature begins with a staircase leading to a door. The door is opened by Madame Catarina. Madame Catarina addresses the camera as her slave throughout. I will not go in to detail but the fitting of the collar and dungeon tour made me want to pledge my eternal devotion to Madame Catarina and to give myself completely to her. I desperately wanted her to use every device I could see in the movie on me.

The human ash tray and roll of the dice ending still fill me with a deep and sincere longing to be hers.


 Writing this now as I continue my journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery it is easy to see what a milestone watching and owning this movie was in my development. Whether it will have the same resonance for those coming new to it with so many other wonderful Madame Catarina movies  about I don’t know.

For me it is a real  treasure : it helped set me on the road that led to Madame Catarina’s door and into her slavery

For that I am truly thankful


There are more movies to see at


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