House Slave for Madame Catarina Part 5

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As we reached the dungeon I saw that she had made ready the mummification bag. Chaining my ankle to a post my goddess instructed me to get into the bag. I did so helplessly and once inside Madame Catarina made it fast exposing only my nipples and cock. My goddess amused herself for several minutes trampling my exposed cock and balls and stabbing at my nipples with her heels. I gazed on in rapture as she walked to the door whispered me goodnight, turning off the light and closing the door plunging me into absolute darkness. As I lay chained and encased in the leather cocoon of the mummification bag my mind began to race.

I knew I was not  fit to lick the shit from her boots, that I was honoured to be her slave I knew that this , I knew I was  worthless  and that she had shown me ultimate kindness allowing me to serve. I thought to myself  this is my life now, Madame Catarina is my life now, I am owned by her, I am her property, Madame Catarina is my Goddess, I am her slave, I will do anything for her, absolutely anything…She can do anything to me, absolutely anything.


 My mind drifted back to the items in the dungeon that had made me uneasy earlier when I was tidying up after a double trouble session, I desperately wanted to experience everything… I wanted to feel pain and hurt, the sting of the whip, to have things inserted into my mouth, cock and ass, to be trampled, to feel the deep searing pain as Madame Catarina branded me her property…I wanted to hear her laughter …. I imagined the cock pouch tearing at my engorged cock, I remembered the feeling as the pinwheel entered the eye of my cock on a previous occasion and wanted more, I dreamed of my mistresses’ heels entering the eye of my cock repeatedly. Everything I had seen her do to slaves in her movies I desperately wanted her to do to me …and more. I imagined her and her mistress friends using me… my future belonged to her…a future of pain, degradation and humiliation…of service.

These thoughts and others raced through my mind fitfully as I lay in darkness encased in the leather bag. I felt her power over me deepen in the darkness and I knew that this wasn’t a game. Madame Catarina’s ownership of me was very real.

I can’t remember sleeping at all but I must have drifted off at some point as I was awoken by the lights in the dungeon coming on. I don’t know how long I lay there in my leather cocoon listening for any signs of activity outside of the door. My mind was filled with anticipation as I heard my goddesses’ heels echoing in the hallway beyond the door. My heart began to race as I heard the sounds of chains being dragged across the floor outside, my body arched in anticipation within my cocoon, my cock standing proudly erect fuelled by my half waking thoughts. I was desperate to be in her presence, to be used by my goddess function in life. Eventually the dungeon door opened

Madame Catarina entered the dungeon more beautiful and divine that she had appeared in my waking dreams. Dressed in leather trousers and sweater and of course heeled boots my goddess approached me smiling. Looking at my erect cock peeping through the mummification sack she laughed and expressed her delight on finding me exactly as she had left me. She gazed down into my eyes and began to work her heel painfully into my cock and balls before moving on to my exposed nipples. My body shuddered in excitement, desperate for attention. She laughed at my desperation and said she thought this was the best way to start the day. I could not have agreed more!

She then released me from my prison and explained to me that she had to go out and that she had left some jobs for me to do….she would be very angry if these jobs were not completed on her return. My goddess then reconfigured the length of chain attached to my ankle and left.

It had all happened so quickly I felt a little dazed as I staggered out of the dungeon to see the work my owner had prepared for me. I saw the pile of leather clothes and boots together with the cleaning materials in the centre of the room.  Pausing only briefly to drink from my doggie bowl I began work. It was an honour to clean her things and in my excited state and I quickly finished the task. It was only when my goddess returned sometime later that I realised I had not seen another set of jobs I should have done. Madame Catarina entered her saloon and spied the uncompleted jobs. I hardly had time to take in how beautiful she looked before her whip rained down hard on my exposed flesh. Nothing had prepared me for the violence of the onslaught as the whip stung my flesh and my goddess told me how useless I was. After several more lashes of the whip she told me to get out of her sight. I did so hurriedly staggering out of the saloon and as far away as my chains would allow.

I was mortified. I felt as if I would weep. I could not believe I had been so stupid to miss the other jobs and now I had displeased my owner. I felt wretched and I was scared. Part of me was scared of the punishments she might inflict on my body but by far my greatest fear was that she would dismiss me and never allow me to serve her again. This was my greatest fear of all. I would welcome any amount of beatings if only she allowed me to continue to serve her. My owner must have heard my distress as she called out to me that she could hear my breathing and that I must be silent. I had no idea what she planned to do with me only that I deserved it

When eventually I was summoned back into my owner’s presence I was terrified. I had seen what she was capable of in her movies and I had felt her rage. I knew that this was not a game. Madame Catarina’s ownership of me was real, the most real thing in my life. I was her property to be disposed of as she wished, whatever punishments she metered out I must endure. I was genuinely scared as I entered the saloon and as I placed my arms into the waiting strait jacket obediently. I was helpless even before the jacket was tied. I knew that this was not a game as I gazed into my owner’s eyes and I surrendered to the strait jacket. All my life I had yearned for complete and total domination and since first seeing images of Madame Catarina I knew I wanted to be her slave. As my goddess attached the nipple clamps and weights to my cock and balls the full import of this was becoming clear.  I knew now that I was her property, to treat however she wished and I knew that I would submit to any punishment. My goddess led me towards her dungeon and I staggered behind her.


 I had no idea what to expect next as we entered the dungeon. Madame Catarina ordered me to stand below the suspension frame and I did so obediently. I had no Idea what to expect from my owner as she got to work with her ropes and straps. She began to laugh at her handiwork and began to play with the nipple clamps and cock and ball weights, screaming in delight at my nervousness, then deftly slipping a condom on to my now fully erect cock and staring into my eyes she told me that it was not my job to think…she would do my thinking for me.  Within seconds of Madame Catarina uttering these words I was suspended and helpless.  Madame Catarina began slowly to milk my engorged cock…..I could feel her power and control fill me as her gaze bore deep into my soul as she tightened her grip on my cock and balls. She was my goddess, my mistress and my owner…my life belonged to her completely and totally. I was in a state of sublime ecstasy when laughing Madame Catarina leaned in close to me and staring into my eyes said ‘I own your cock, I own your mind’ her fingers gripped tighter and I exploded into the most all-consuming orgasm as I pumped my very soul into my mistresses’ divine hands.

Madame Catarina smiled and her ownership of me became absolute.







About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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