An Interview With The Very Talented El Poo

ImageHello Mauricio I’m sure most of us are familiar with your work as the El Poo Design Bureau particularly your tour of Europe in 2013. I think we are all grateful for the memorable images you created particularly those of Europe’s premier mistresses Why did you decide to call your design Bureau El Poo…what does it mean and what sort of message did you want to convey?

 Actually “el Poo” is just a nickname, from my last name and a way we use to call, in Mexico, somehow someone, using the article word as a prefix followed by the last name or family’ name.

 You have a very distinctive style. Who are the artists that have inspired and influenced you?

In my very early years, my likes went from Walt Disney to Michelangelo, a bit later, I used to adore the Patrick Nagel’s girls which used to appear in some Playboy Mag’ pages. Nowadays, I keep my eyes wide open trying to catch at least 10% of the huge amount of images and data that real life brings us all the time. 


I think the point is what one decides to heed and take notice of. I am into some religious imagery and esoteric folklore, as well as the fetishism, and glamour and of course…Female Domination.

 Is there any underlying ethos within your work? Is there something that you really want to convey?

 Well, it is no secret that my artwork looks forward promoting the Idolatry and cult toward The Authentic Dominant, Beautiful Female and toward what brings Them pleasure as well.


 We have spoken before at length about the divine Madame Catarina. As anyone who has ever been in her company will know she has an amazing presence. Not only is she strikingly beautiful but she has a very powerful and dominant aura that demands adoration and total obedience. You capture this essence of Madame Catarina in your work can you describe or define this essence.How are you able to capture this so well?

 My creativity has, let us say, several driving forces; for instance, there is the enormous physical attraction I feel regarding my Muse, but in addition to this and with equal importance, is the deep admiration I feel about my Muse’s work, Her preferences, taste, etc.

 Aside being a born a Living Goddess of Beauty and being a cosmopolitan and high class lady, Madame Catarina is a professional, an expert of Her art and discipline. It is an Honour which Madame had gifted me and an undeserved privilege. Being before her and in her glorious presence with my camera.

 It is my personal duty as a fetish artist and fetish subject, to pay a worthy homage through my humble works. She grants me both a blessing and a huge favour giving her precious time and kind attention. I am very fortunate and certainly very grateful for having her glorious images and portraits in my portfolio.


 Where can people check out your work?

 Some links to share:

 Any plans for a return visit to Berlin?

 For now I have no plans for traveling overseas, though, of course a new Fetish Tour should be on the run soon, perhaps on 2015.

 Thanks very much Mauricio and keep up the good work!

You are welcome



About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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