From The Vaults – Bootlicker As Footstool- Movie Revisited

This movie has a very special place in my heart and marks a small but very important step on my journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery.


Earlier that year I had sent Madame Catarina a respectful e-mail to thank her for all her movies and telling her how they had inspired me to engage with my inner slave and enter further into the world of Femdom. I also described how some of scenarios in the movies had influenced my sessions with mistresses in the UK.

I had received a kind and encouraging reply from Madame Catarina saying how glad she was that her movies had helped me discover my inner slave and inspired me and my mistresses .This email affected me profoundly as not only was it from the wonderful Madame Catarina whom I had worshipped from afar for ages but it was so kind and supportive. It was a wonderful revelation also to know that Madame Catarina was not a made up movie star but a real lifestyle mistress who genuinely owned and controlled her slaves.

I felt I needed to show my gratitude for the inspiration and encouragement in more than words so I visited Madame Catarina’s wish list on Amazon and ordered a couple of nice books on rope bondage as a token of my appreciation. I must admit to a twinge of excitement at sending this wonderful goddess that I had admired from afar for so long a votive offering. Also it crossed my mind that one day I might be the lucky slave trussed up tightly and expertly using techniques learnt from these very books.

I received a nice thank you e-mail from Madame Catarina which thrilled me but then  I thought little  more about it.

Some months later the movie Bootlicker as Footstool came out. It is difficult to describe my feelings on seeing this movie for the first time. The appearance of the book I had sent excited me. Although only a small thing in many ways it was hugely important to me. It gave me a feeling of being connected to the wonderful world portrayed in the movie…a world in which the beautiful and wonderful Madame Catarina controlled her slaves and when the book was shown in the movie I became part of that world…it was a real world and I existed somewhere on the very distant margins of it, knowing I wanted desperately to enter it more fully.

The movie is available from Clips 4 sale


I cannot provide a direct link but links are available at Madame Catarina’s Website.


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This movie and related photo gallery is also available at Madame Catarina’s Members website. ($US 39.99 per month)


Bootlicker As Footstool

Time: 53 minutes

Cost $39.99 USD

Year: 2011

Language: German no sub-titles


 There is no need for a step by step account of this movie as the photos tell the story themselves.

On watching this movie for the first time I was struck by Bootlickers complete and total dedication and devotion to Madame Catarina and longed to experience such total ownership.


The movie has a wonderfully relaxed feel to it with Madame Catarina having reduced bootlicker to the status of an object indulges in almost casual cruelty as she idly torments her property for her own amusement.I think what comes over most now for me from this movie is the absolute power Madame Catarina has over those slaves who have opted to become her property. This movie really helped me recognise what I genuinely wished for.


I love the way Madame Catarina uses Bootlicker as a cushion, ashtray, a chair and of course a footstool. I also love the casual nature of the cigarette heat on nipples and cock, the breath play, wax and of course the way Madame Catarina uses her heels. The use of the cock press is sublime as is the final lick of the sole of Madam Catarina’s boot.


Watching the movie now as the slave and property of Madame Catarina I can really emphasise with bootlicker’s devotion and dedication. It brings a power to the movie for me it did not have before…It also makes me realise that there can be no more wonderful experience for a slave than to give himself totally and completely to his owner…especially if his owner is Madame Catarina



About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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