The Hidden Torture Farm



I was reading the latest post about the forthcoming activities that Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice will be hosting at the hidden torture farm from the 14th June to the 21st June and I began to reflect on how deeply I have entered into Madame Catarina’s slavery this last year.

.I have referred to Madame Catarina keeping a stable of slaves in a previous post (The Road to Damascus) and how being part of a stable of slaves owned and controlled by Madame Catarina is not only a high honour but is also much like a state of gynarchy. As Madame Catarina’s ownership of me continues to deepen freewill diminishes in importance and the desire for service and obedience become more powerful.

Madame Catarina’s brief description of Red Ass day with Lady Stella and how the slaves where used by the mistresses as human furniture excited me .The whole concept of the Portugal Summer Camp in September which Madame Catarina will be attending with Mistress Ezada Sinn, and several other mistresses excites me. The idea of creating a functioning gynarchy for a short time in one place is thrilling…


 Needless to say the whole idea of the slave farm excites me. The idea of being kidnapped, imprisoned, drilled in physical exercise and punishment and treated like livestock is really, deeply exhilirating
Image I think for me this is the embodiment of the slave psyche…or mine at least. We spend so long wanting to be mistresses’ dog, horse, tool or furniture; wanting to be completely owned and used.

What better way to experience this than being imprisoned and enslaved by two beautiful and cruel mistresses on an isolated farm. That those two mistresses are Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice …slave heaven


More information is available on the BDSM Double Trouble Facebook page

And details on how to how to apply are available from

There is also a selection of movies made at the old farm in the members area of dominia movies


Movies with Madame Catarina in action together with Lady Caprice are available in the members area and at Clips 4 Sale

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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