Madame Catarina- Expert on Educational Issues, caning punishments and whips but so much more


Madame Catarina believes that a really good session begins at the door. Once a slave steps over the threshold into her saloon there is no doubt who is in command. The slave can expect no cosy chat with Madame Catarina before a session starts. Once he enters her domain she is his mistress and he is very definitely her slave.

 In order to make this happen Madame Catarina insists that prospective slaves furnish her with details about their preferences, interests, fantasies and taboos and of course any ideas about how a session might develop. Preliminary discussions are conducted via e-mail and this allows Madame Catarina to prepare for a rewarding session for both mistress and slave.

Madame Catarina’s saloon is located in a fashionable part of Berlin and has all the elegance of a sophisticated ladies drawing room at the height of the belle époque. The new slave should be wary though as behind the doors and curtains are rooms fitted for Madame Catarina’s amusement and the controlling of her slaves.

Whether a slave wishes to immerse themselves in Madame Catarina’s control and slavery for a one hour session, an extended session an overnight stay or to become her property permanently, they can rest assured that Madame Catarina practices safe and consensual domination. As an experienced mistress discretion and professionalism are paramount and limits and taboos respected.


 There are many ways a mistress can dominate her slaves and whilst Madame Catarina is a renowned virtuoso with whips, canes and all things corporeal punishment she also enjoys many other scenario’s and practices. A fear of the whip and issues of being marked need not deter the prospective slave from serving Madame Catarina; each slave application is looked at individually and Madame Catarina decides whether the prospective slave’s interests are compatible with her own.


Corporeal punishment: Madame Catarina is a world renowned expert with all manner of whips and canes and has a wide and varied selection of these including bullwhips, Manila canes, camel sticks, riding crops and pizzle sticks to name a few. The level of the whipping and spanking given is dependent on how much the slave can take

Madame Catarina also specialises in boot worship and delights in having eager slaves grovel and humiliate themselves before her begging to lick her boots or be used as a living ashtray or human furniture. Madame Catarina also practises heavy bondage, suspension and mummification as well as playing psychological games as she takes total control of her slaves.

Madame Catarina also dominates as a Schoolmistress, Dungeon Guard, Boot Camp Instructor, sensual sophisticate, business lady, leather mistress and many other guises.

Madame Catarina is a beautiful and experienced mistress with a seemingly inexhaustible imagination always dreaming up new scenarios and ways to play with her slaves bending them to her will whether using them as her butler, house slave, dog, horse or in a host of other roles.

Some lucky slaves may be allowed to accompany Madame Catarina to dinner or on a shopping trip whilst others may wish to experience kidnap and hard domination with Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice.


 As a real lifestyle mistress Madame takes genuine delight in exploring new ways to use and control her slaves and is always looking for genuine submissives to train.

Prospective slaves are invited to send Madame Catarina a respectful e-mail outlining their preferences and taboos at




Madame Catarina at Galerie de Sade


Madame Catarina ‘s Wish List


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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