Desert of Lust

Readers of this blog will know all about the recent excursion to Egypt in the footsteps of Agatha Christie undertaken by Madame Catarina on which she kindly allowed me to escort her. With the recent posting of photos from the trip and of course the new movie now available on C4S now would seem a good time to re-blog a short story written by Madame Catarina some years ago and my attempt at a translation was posted on this blog  in June 2014

Although this is a work of fiction…for now… Madame Catarina’s elegant beauty and total dominance and the total devotion and submission she creates in her slaves is a reality.

Watch the Nile Adventures movie here


Although this is a work of fiction…for now… Madame Catarina’s elegant beauty and total dominance and the total devotion and submission she creates in her slaves is a reality.


Desert of Lust

I had read many books about the pharaohs, their gods and of course the pyramids. Now finally it was time to see the many splendours of Egypt for myself.

I stood on the deck of the Nile cruise ship and gazed out at the mysterious desert that had haunted my dreams for so many years. To see the majesty of the desert framed by the palm-fringed shoreline evoked strange and deep feelings within me.

My eyes were intoxicated by the beauty of the desert, the interplay between light and shadow and sun and sand. The ship would shortly be arriving at Luxor at the southern end of the Nile and I had booked a room at the ‘Old Winter Palace’ that grand and famous hotel. On arrival I took my luggage and made my way through the jostling riverside crowds toward the wide stairs to the hotel.  “My God”, I thought to myself, here it was that Agatha Christie had written ‘Death on the Nile’. Perhaps she had sat on this very terrace to take Five O’clock tea. And now I was here.

After checking in I intended to look around a bit and soak up the atmosphere it had been a long time ambition to visit Egypt and I didn’t intend on wasting a moment of it. I started down the wide stairs of the hotel eager to start exploring when I was stopped in my tracks.  It was like being struck by a bolt of lightning. At the bottom of the stairs was the tall, lean figure of a goddess. Her jet black hair shimmered like liquid latex in the heat of the sun. She stood amidst several exceptionally large, elegant and antiquated suitcases. It was obvious that she was in search of a porter and I do not why but for some inexplicable reasons I knew that I desperately wanted to carry her luggage. I moved quickly down the stairs, fending off any would be porters on my way

“May I help you?” I asked her politely.

I had not even been a full twenty four hours in this city and here I was already offering myself as a porter. What is more I fiercely and passionately wanted to carry this beautiful goddesses’ luggage. I don’t know what came over me but I knew deep down I really needed to perform some services to this vision.

“Yes very much,” came the reply from her fiery red-painted lips.

I gazed momentarily at her eyes but was met only by the reflected glare from her sunglasses. I felt the strangest of feelings come over me. It was as if when she looked at me she pierced my soul and knew even before I knew myself what effect she had on me. She pointed to her luggage and I eagerly accepted her instruction without a moment’s hesitation and the amount of luggage would certainly have been enough ballast for two porters but I was happy to be able to do her this small service without thinking I fell in behind her as she made her way up the wide stairs toward the hotel. I followed with the luggage like the servant I had become and was rewarded with a glorious and arresting sight.


The image is burnt indelibly into my brain. It was a sight I would gladly have run barefoot through the hot dry desert to behold, hers was a fountain I could drink at for eternity and never quench my thirst. She was the embodiment of beauty.  She wore one of those narrow, traditional costumes, tightly fitted, with a skirt that ended just above the knee. My gaze wandered further down and, I saw that she was wearing seamed nylons that offset her beautiful slender legs as they tapered to the black high heel shoes. I wondered how it could happen my absolute fetish should appear to me when I am thousands of miles away from home.

I could not draw my eyes away from her beautiful body as she moved elegantly up the hotel stairs.  I thought I could discern the hint of a corset beneath the already tight fitting traditional costume. If I strained my eyes I could definitely catch a glimpse of the lace corsetry looming below. I should point out it is not my not my usual practice to stare at ladies attire in this way, but this lady was having a serious effect upon me. What was she doing here? And dressed so elegantly? All the other women around were dressed in jeans or given the searing temperatures even more casually. But this lady appeared elegant, poised and unruffled in the heat and something about her had made me absolutely desperate to carry her luggage. I didn’t know what was happening to me but I knew it was an all-enveloping and exciting feeling that I wanted to pursue further.

We arrived at her hotel floor and standing before her door she spoke

“Thanks,” she said, looking deeply into my eyes.

You seem to be a most zealous servant. Maybe I’ll use you on occasion. Give me your room number so I can call you”.

Her words confused and excited me and I stammered something about my room being 142. I stood there spellbound in the middle of the doorway as she slammed the door in my face. I had been dismissed like a servant…in fact she had called me her servant so why wasn’t I annoyed. Why instead did my mind race excitedly as her words echoed in my head?

If I use you on the occasion again,

With those words she had expressed her wish to claim me as hers. As I moved slowly toward my room hundreds of images shot through my mind. Who was this beautiful and mysterious woman, why had she affected me so, and why could I not let go of visions of her as my mistress and tormentor, I knew then that my mission in life was to serve her. I had no choice she had claimed me and I desperately wanted to be hers, I knew that I would do anything for her, and that I would do everything in my power just to be near her. These thoughts occupied me until I eventually managed to find my room.


I tried a cold shower to somehow clear my mind and try to regain some sort of sanity. I couldn’t. I could not ignore what had just happened. Eventually I managed to compose my thoughts enough to visit the restaurant for dinner but I could not focus on the food my mind was occupied by visions of her and how she had claimed me.

Later in my room, I lay on the bed and stared at the fan on my ceiling. I tried desperately not to think about today’s meeting with this woman after all I was here on a long awaited trip to explore Egypt to learn about the land and its people. I was booked on a tour of the sacred temples and tombs tomorrow and I was damned if I was going to cancel just in case she might require my services

Then the telephone rang.

I expect you tomorrow morning, punctually at eight o’clock outside my bedroom door. I make a trip into the desert and you must accompany me.”

The phone went dead. She had hung up. She had not required any answer from me.

My heart thumped wildly and the intensity of my longing to see her caught me by surprise. I imagined her dressed in white billowing robes, transparent almost silk like framed against the light of the sun. I imagined her firm nipples hardening like visible rose buds and her beautiful backside floating gracefully before me as I offered her water. Sleep was no longer an option, her image flashed across my mind; I could recall her scent, every hair on her head, every delicate and enticing curve. I could feel my loins stir as I lost any sense of the boundaries that separate the dreaming world and that of reality.

I lay on my bed and dreamed of what would happen tomorrow. She had read my deepest and most hidden passions in a glance. She knew I could no more resist her than the sand on the beach can resist the ocean. She had claimed me and tomorrow I would find out what this really meant.

Despite barely sleeping that night I arrived as she wished at eight O’clock standing outside her hotel door. My night time fantasies still haunted me and I was faint with nervous anticipation. I did not know what she wanted with me, but, I was equally sure that whatever she commanded I would obey. I had no choice. The bedroom door opened and there she stood! She was wearing a tight black blouse, white riding breeches and black leather boots to the knee. She wore dark sunglasses and black leather gloves. I was instantly ashamed of my fantasy white-robed figure of the night before and cast my eyes down blushing slightly.

 “Amah, well, I had expected otherwise,” she said softly but with such a determination that I immediately recognised that my role was now that of her servant. “The servant may carry the supplies and follow discreetly at least five steps behind me. I would not be addressed by him or be touched by him. I will issue further instructions to him only once if and when necessary 

I could not believe what I was hearing. Last night she had thanked me politely and now she spoke in the third person as a matter of course. It was as if I was not even present.

I carried down the supplies following five steps behind her as instructed. Outside the hotel, a jeep was waiting, but without a driver.  I stowed the luggage and provisions in the rear, and took the seat behind the wheel and drove out towards the desert leaving the city behind. As we drove I could feel her gaze drilling into the back of my head. She could read my mind I was sure of it. I was beginning to feel scared as Luxor receded on the distant horizon.

Throughout the trip she occasionally barked out short commands as to which direction I was to drive. The desert that I had so admired from the Nile a day earlier now began to loom threateningly as it stretched for mile upon mile into the far distance. The sun blinded me as I continued to drive until such time she ordered me to stop at a barren outcrop of rocks. I dutifully stopped the car and rushed around to open the passenger door for her.

 “Haul the trunk out of the car and open it. I will check if I have forgotten anything. Sometimes I think I should take myself a body slave for such purposes. He would take care of everything especially doing the dirty work. Does being my slave worm sound like fun to you? Would you like to return with me as my slave worm?

Her words left me speechless, ringing like thunder in my ears. I had heard the words “slave worm” from my occasional visits to SM studios it was what one expected there. But, here I was a tourist, a normal man who had accompanied a lady on a trip.

This was nonsense of course. I was only trying to deceive myself.  It was obvious from her first glance at me that she knew what it was I had wanted all my life, what I craved and I tried to find with no luck at home.

She began to issue commands in quick succession. I followed them obsessively. I built her the solar sail, so she could sit in the shade; I opened the picnic basket and offered water and food.  I had adapted to the slave role she had prescribed very quickly and thought that the slaves of the pharaohs could not be more diligent and humble as I was being now.

Once I had fixed everything as commanded I knelt in silence a respectful distance away. I knelt in the hot desert sand. Left to think like this my mind raced with excitement as to what would happen next. The day was turning out very strange. I fantasised that she would invite me to undress her in the setting sun and provide for her the hottest sex she had ever dreamed about let alone experienced. My reveries were interrupted by her imperious voice.

The slave has to get undressed!”

I thought I must be hearing things But her tone was harsh and demanding

I want him naked!”

Well this was a turn up for the books I thought. I’m pretty fit and don’t need to hide my body. I have no beer belly and I’m always well-shaven, so I got up and began to undress. I slipped my shirt off quickly but when I bent down to take my pants off I began to feel queasy.

Why does the slave loiter like that? She asked.’

Maybe one day you will learn how to serve a lady properly!

These words really struck a chord deep down in my psyche. She knew at one glance that my deepest and most secret desire was to serve a real lady. Deep down I had always wanted to be owned and controlled by a beautiful and dominant lady. These longings had been with me as long as my fascination with the desert. Was I really to discover my hearts desires in this place?

Her words spurred me into action and I stood completely naked before her. I tried to discreetly shield my bits with my hands

Turn around, worm,” she said.

Then I heard a rustling noise and before I knew it, she was standing behind me binding my eyes.

Now he can turn back again. But I want to see his hands behind his head and spread his legs wide!

It is difficult to describe my feelings just then, a sort of mixture of shame, lust and a fear of the unknown combined. Other feelings where making themselves known to me as well. Being commanded and addressed in the third person and being addressed as slave worm were beginning to excite me deep down. I obeyed. Her command s and minutes passed as she inspected me closely walking slowly around me…Then I felt her leather glove between my legs as she pulled hard at my manhood bringing me totally under her control as she pulled me down to my knees.

As she bent down beside me I could smell her heavy perfume. It invaded and captivated my senses. She whispered into my ear a low diabolical voice

You want to be my body-slave you must give in to me. You must stand before me with your body at my disposal. Give me your body so that I you can do with it what I want.  I will take everything from you, you exist only to inspire my imagination and satisfy my whims.’

Her words dripped over me like water to a drowning man. I was lost. What words. She called for my unconditional surrender; they were to be no taboos. I should lose my rights as a free man.

She would own me completely and I would become her absolute slave.

Yes’, I said ‘I will do everything for you,”

What choice did I have? This was perhaps my one and only chance to finally find what I had been looking for all these years…The total submission! The prospect of having my secret wish fulfilled


Suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere I received a resounding slap across my face

Yes, Mistress! Is what I want to hear!” she shouted.

Yes Mistress’ I replied trembling.

My head was awash with conflicting feelings and thoughts. I was confused and frightened but also unbelievably excited. Deep in my heart of hearts, the angels and the devils deep inside of me craved only that I give myself completely and utterly to her. It was only right and fitting that she should dominate me completely, humiliate me, torture me mercilessly. I had offered myself to her willingly and it was only right that she should take what belonged to her and use me however she saw fit.

Swiftly she placed shackles on my hands and feet and fitted me with a collar and lead. I was now blind and on all fours as she pulled me along behind her.  As I crawled behind her in this way I noticed that the desert sand beneath my hands had given way to the stony outcrop. We must have arrived under the awning I had erected a short while ago. She deftly removed the blindfold that bound my eyes and sat before me amidst the huge soft pillows I had so diligently laid out for her.

Slowly and deliberately she began to remove her riding boots I stared, mesmerized. I gazed in awe at her beautiful feet

Ha’ she laughed

The worm will now prepare to give me pleasure. He is to begin with my feet. It gets very hot in these tight riding boots. But why do I have slaves? He will deliver his tongue at my feet and work at the dust and sweat. Now! Quickly to your work!”

I moved quickly and willingly as I tried to clean her beautiful feet using my eager tongue, I reverentially   sucked each of her delicate toes taking each individual fully into my mouth in order to remove each grain of sand. The taste of her sweat was like nectar on my slave tongue. I was now totally immersed in my slave role and wanted only to give her pleasure. My tongue worked its way slowly across her feet, desperately kissing and licking her soles and heels as the coarse sand stuck to my lips and tongue. I began wondering what it would be like to rub my stiff hard cock across those beautiful feet and moved my body slightly to position my cock closer to her feet and wondered whether it would be permissible for me to cum across her exquisite toes.

As if she had read my mind a sharp kick to my shoulder tipped me headlong into the sand.

Perhaps, he may enjoy this …but only when I have hit him and tormented enough for my satisfaction. Only then is he allowed to pleasure himself…maybe. He must earn everything now. He must even earn the water that he drinks.’

I held my head in shame. How could I of thought that I could have lain with this divine woman as I had with so many others. What blasphemy to entertain the idea. She grabbed my collar and dragged me back across the hot desert sand just like a dog called to heel. She ordered me to kneel and quickly she tied my hands behind my back. A quick kick to my chest and I was sprawled helplessly before her. I gazed up into her large dark eyes and saw there a hunger for satisfaction that would only be sated when she had devoured my body and soul.

She moved across to the jeep and took out a pair of designer leather boots and put them on. Within moments she stood straddling me from above I gazed in awe at her beautiful presence resplendent in black high heeled boots and jodhpurs. I gazed in wonder as she removed her blouse to reveal her gorgeous breasts pressed tightly into a leather bra.

‘It could be that it is a little warm …” she said.

She was a glorious and beautiful vision. She was like the mirage that lures the thirsty traveller toward the oasis and yet only leads them further astray. She walked slowly over to the overlarge suitcases that I had unloaded from the Jeep earlier. Opening the suitcase she slowly removed a bull whip and began to thrash it through the testing it out. It cracked the air with a terrifying sound. On her way back she turned to another suitcase and took from it a gag.

“We can’t have anyone hearing the slave’s screams. We want to deter any tourists from their visits.

I gazed up at her face and saw a cold, cruel smile on her face. As if anyone could hear us out here. She wanted to humiliate me and the gag was part of this. I could sense she was really enjoying this. My position suddenly became clear to me; here I was, stupid fool, lying bound and soon to be gagged on the hot deserts sands, miles from anywhere or anyone. I was completely at the mercy of a beautiful cruel demon. I had no idea how far she would go, whether she was some crazy psycho or what. The taste of leather in my mouth as she roughly inserted the gag only served to increase my feelings of anxiety… I was really completely at her mercy.

She had not coerced me in any way. I had given myself to her freely without stopping to consider what she might want of me. Without knowing what to expect I had offered myself to her completely. When I had uttered the words ‘Yes Mistress’ did I know what it was I was signing up to? The answer to this was probably yes. I desperately wanted to be hers; I formed the words ‘slave worm’ in my head and rejoiced in them. She was my Goddess and nothing else mattered to me. I was hers to do with as she pleased.

The first strike with the bull whip caught me hard on the chest. I could feel the lash tearing at my skin as I rolled to escape the next hit. This did not seem to bother her as she laughed sadistically and thrashed me again. She continued to thrash me relentlessly with the bull whip as the hard strokes crashed down cutting deeply into my back and abdomen.

The hot sand penetrated the lacerations on my body causing a hellish pain but still she continued to whip me mercilessly. I whimpered through the gag desperately trying to plead for mercy. She laughed in reply which added to my fear. It was as if she could sense my fear and this just spurred her to wilder and wilder lashing. I gazed on helplessly as she expertly administered the bullwhip smiling ain delight at the searing pain she was inflicting. I realised then that I felt more alive, hornier and more full of desire than I had ever done before.

Eventually she ceased the brutal whipping and ordered me to kneel on all fours. I struggled to get my battered and bleeding body into the commanded position”

Spread your legs, worm!” 

Her words excited me beyond belief as she knelt behind me I could feel the hot skin of her thighs on brushing against my battered body. She was so very close I could feel her firm breasts touching my back as I humbly bowed my head I resigned myself to whatever fate she had in store for me.  Suddenly she grabbed my cock and started to stroke it gently. Feelings of intense pleasure flooded through my body and mind as she played with my cock I gave a slight moan through the gag which seemed to please her. Then suddenly pain flashed through me like lightning as stars danced before my eyes. Whilst playing with my cock she had attached a huge strap-on and was now inserting it roughly up my ass.

Now I take your worthless body completely, you are owned by me; feel me penetrate deep into you as I take what’s mine. Your whining will only make me fuck you harder.

She had broken yet another of the taboos I had carried in my head up until that moment. Up until then I had been an ass virgin. The idea disgusted me and the pain tore through me as she parted me with her huge strap-on. Just as I was about to attempt yet another scream through the gag there was a blissful merging of pleasure and pain as she began to slowly fuck my ass. I felt wholly possessed by her.

My mind was befuddled and I was barely capable of any clear thought. What I did know though was that I never wanted to be anywhere but here, I just wanted to be hers, completely and totally, I longed for her control and ownership…nothing else mattered but to be her slave!

Suddenly she withdrew the strap-on and stood up behind me giving me a sharp kick. I lay in the sand before her drenched in sweat. My cock was still swollen and I was hungry for more.  I wanted only to be hers, to be used for her pleasure to offer myself completely to her, mind body and soul. I was helpless to resist now. I was totally and completely her slave. I worshipped her completely and utterly.

Come on, worm, my boots are dirty and you must make them clean for me

 I want you to lick them clean and taste the dirt. Service my boots with your slave tongue.” 

She deftly removed the gag from my mouth and I placed my greedy tongue upon the sole of her boot. I had entered heaven and my stiff hard cock was about to burst with excitement, I licked greedily my tongue responding to her laughter as her whip cut deeply into my back and shoulders. Her whip rained down again and again cutting deeply into my back as my desperate tongue frantically licked  the soles and sucked the heels of her boots. I put to one side my own desperate longing for climax and focused exclusively on my service to my goddess.

The whip tore at my flesh and my sweat and blood began to mingle but still my body craved the sting of her whip and my dry tongue craved t. he taste of the dirt from her boots. Finally her whip broke in two and she gave a cry of pure delight her voice echoing across the empty desert and I rejoiced in the cruel game she had played with me.

She threw away the broken whip and kicked me aside before leaning back on the big pillows. She smoked a cigarette as she watched my bleeding body with its swollen and erect cock lying in the hot sand before her. She had taken what she wanted!

With a couple of ropes she tied my arms and legs ensuring that I could not move and then she bound   my eyes again. I was once more totally helpless but I did not care. I was after all her slave,’ her ‘slave worm’ I belonged to her; I was her property to use however she wanted to. A leather gag was inserted into my mouth once again, however this one was different. It took a few moments for me to realise as it was pushed deeper into my mouth that this was in fact the strap on she had used to fuck me what seemed a lifetime ago.

I was weak and exhausted; her cruel games had worn me out. As the sun beat down mercilessly on my naked body I began to fantasise again. I was bound and gagged with her strap on and could not see, I was weak and bleeding and totally helpless.  I was her -slave! I had finally managed to experience at first-hand what this truly meant. After so many years of searching and fantasising I asked myself was it really what I was looking for? The answer was a resounding yes! This was my destiny!

With these thoughts I finally lost consciousness.

I regained consciousness with a smart slap across my face.  The blindfold had been removed and I could see that the luggage had been loaded back onto the Jeep. She gazed down at me and I looked into her dark eyes and I was drawn deep into the abyss.  I could just catch a glimpse of her cruel smile against the light of the sun. She lowered her head and whispered

“I was pleased to be able to claim you. I wish you a great time in Egypt.”

She got into the jeep, started the engine and drove away leaving me alone, helpless and wounded in the blazing heat. I knew she had left me. I had been used and discarded. She would not come back to save me. And I loved this about her. What could I do except accept my fate. I thought of the picture I had in my mind’s eye only hours before of the beautiful woman dressed in white silk and I had to laugh. For so long I had fantasised about the desert and becoming a true slave. Today I had realised both of these fantasies and they would probably prove fatal.

As I lay there drifting I fantasized of water. I sucked on the strap on in my mouth but there was no moisture to be had. I dreamt of nurses in tight white uniforms and glasses of water. What must I do to earn the water? I realized that in my last hours on earth I had discovered who and what I was…I was simply the slave of women, I existed solely so they could take pleasure in my torments. I closed my eyes…

When I came to I looked into the face of a blonde nurse who was trying to rehydrate me. I was in a hospital bed and had no idea how I got there. I had been willing to sacrifice myself in service to her and now by some miracle I was alive.

Weeks later I returned home and tried to keep the memories of that experience in the desert at bay. I knew that deep down I was still her slave and I knew I would never be wholly free again. I tried to offset these feelings by throwing myself into my work and occasionally visiting professional SM studios when my longings became too unbearable. I knew that what happened in the desert had changed me forever. My dreams where haunted by visions of her and what she had subjected me to. I awoke in cold sweats feeling a heightened sense of fear and excitement. My mind often wandered what my life would have been she allowed me to remain her body slave and not simply discarded me. I wondered what acts my devotion to her would lead me to and whether I would survive them. I knew she owned me still, deep down and that I was blessed to serve as her slave just once.

Then one night the phone rang.

Hello… has he learned enough to finally assume his role as a proper slave…I expect him to come and serve me now!”


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