From The Vaults New Boots from Bootlicker– Movie Revisited


 By the time this movie came out I was in occasional contact with Madame Catarina via email. I would send an e-mail of praise and thanks whenever a movie had affected me deeply. Sometimes I would just send small gifts from Madame Catarina’s Amazon wish list. Just to show my appreciation and express my admiration.

My fascination (if not obsession) with Madame Catarina was stopping me from fully enjoying sessions with other mistresses. It was becoming clear that the process that had been growing since I first saw her photograph in 2004 was impacting quite seriously on my life. It would be a couple of years before I actually entered Madame Catarina’s saloon and my life of slavery, but I was determined to move toward this goal in some way.

I wanted to establish some kind of connection with the mistress of all my dreams and fantasies and felt that a more substantial gift than the books or DVDs I had sent in the past was called for. The idea of sending Madame Catarina something that she could wear or something she could use in session appealed greatly….what better than a pair of chaps.


I received a nice thank you e-mail from Madame Catarina which thrilled me and a rather cryptic note about making sure I kept watching her movies…

The movie is available from Clips 4 sale


I cannot provide a direct link but  you can copy and paste this address into your browser



This movie and related photo gallery is also available at Madame Catarina’s Members website. ($US 39.99 per month)




New Boots from Bootlicker

Time: 51 minutes

Cost $54.99 USD

Year: 2011

Language: German no sub-titles

 There is no need for a step by step account of this movie as the photos tell the story themselves.

I just love the way this movie opens with Madame Catarina entering her saloon wearing the gifts I had sent her and looking absolutely stunning. For me this was I giant leap on my journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery. The goddess of my dreams and fantasies who I worshiped from afar was wearing boots that I had sent her and was about to use them in session with a slave.

I can remember really feeling part of Madame Catarina’s world, still on the outer reaches but with a desperate desire to be pulled into the centre , to be ruled and dominated by her completely. I can remember feeling this with a palpable physical ache and when Bootlicker is used as a footstool I could very nearly feel the heels on my flesh. When watching this movie there is still a deep personal resonance in my head I am there and experiencing the session as bootlicker experiences it.

I love the breath play and face sitting the total control…I think I now appreciate some aspects of the movie more now than I did then. Now I know that the reality of being Madame Catarina’s slave far exceeds any fantasies I might I have had. The way Madame Catarina uses the nipple clamps is divine and I yearn to feel them on me now…and of course there is some wonderful bootlicking


 What slave wouldn’t want his cock trampled under Madame Catarina ‘s heel or to be used as her furniture


Or become her ashtray and be suffocated with her smoke. Watching this movie now as the slave and property of Madame Catarina I can really emphasise with bootlicker’s devotion and dedication. To give Madame Catarina such complete and total control is such a beautiful gift.


I really love this movie…partly because it represents a major step towards Madame Catarina’s ownership and control of me but also because it is so full of sensual tension. The boot changing scenes are just so erotically charged as are the scenes with the tongue clamp and those heels, the trampling and of course the finale.


I also love it because Madame Catarina is obviously enjoying using bootlicker so cruelly and bootlicker enjoys being so cruelly used


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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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