Bookings for Torture Farm Sessions 2nd August-19th August

I was reading the recent announcement that Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice will be holding sessions at the hidden torture farm again from the 2nd August-19th August. Just to clarify again:

The hidden torture farm is a place…not an event. Sessions are bookable in the usual way. The farm lends itself to kidnapping, imprisonment, and outdoor scenarios…as well as double trouble sessions.  The farm has been the setting for five movies to date and I am sure I am not the only slave to have fantasized about being held prisoner there.


The farm has played host to five movies to date

Hidden Torture Farm


The Lazy Stable Boy



Agent One Breaks the Spy


Agent One Testing the New Spy Recruit 


As always the movies are available at (copy and paste link)


and in the members area at:


One theme which appears in a couple of the movies is that of the slave as livestock. The backdrop of the farm s really gives the idea of complete ownership resonance. I find watching Madame Catarina treat her slaves like animals really exciting whether it be simply housing them in sty, riding them like horses,  feeding them dog food from a bowl.  The farm setting reminds me that I am Madame Catarina’s slave and property…and a slave is like any other domesticated beast…it exists solely for its owners use

 Running through the Agent One movies is the theme of breaking the slave. I find this concept wonderfully powerful. The idea that Madame Catarina can through psychological and physical torture bend even the most unwilling to her will is magical. I love watching Madame Catarina converting victims into slaves. I am guessing it is the desire of many slaves to be broken this way and to be reborn as a true and total slave…even those who enter into slavery willingly I always seeking further and more total domination.

 I should just say that these are my interpretations and reflect my thoughts, feelings and fantasies. These do not represent what will actually happen in booked sessions at the farm…I’m guessing that all depends on what you discuss in booking e-mails to Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice.

More information about booking sessions is available on the BDSM Double Trouble Facebook page

And details on how to how to apply are available from

 I did say five movies…and the eagle eyed would have spotted four….there is a new movie that will be out soon….


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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