Madame Catarina and Domina Liza Movie Update





Madame Catarina’ latest movie Double Trouble Caning Session’ is now posted in its entirety on clips 4 sale and all eight chapters are available both in HD versions and MP4 versions in the members area of Dominia Movies

Domina Liza 3The Movie features the beautiful English mistress Domina Liza who hails from the East Midlands. Domina Liza was last seen with Madame Catarina in the ‘English way of Teatime’ back in January 2013. That movie is available in the member’s area and at Madame Catarina’s Clips 4 Sale site


No direct links to C4Sale are allowed from this blog but you can copy and paste the address below into your browser

The movie description below should tell you all you need to know needless to say it is a pretty full on hard caning movie.

‘Domina Liza is visiting Berlin from England and decides to pay a visit to her good friend Madame Catarina. She brings with her a new slave she has acquired and the two ladies decide to test out the slave to see if he is worth keeping. They start by whipping the slave’s torso and thighs and take great delight in creating an intricate pattern of marks across his body. Once satisfied the ladies begin work on the slave’s hindquarters. They ladies take it in turn to whip the slave and indulge in some hard nipple play before deciding to play a painful game with the helpless slave. They decide to cane the slave until he begs for mercy and when eventually he does after a severe beating the ladies dismiss him and set about finding a stronger slave before Domina Liza’s next visit.’

Back in April Lady Saskia Sas interviewed Madame Catarina and that interview featured in her subsequent book


Lady Saskia Sas has now interviewed Domina Liza and that interview is now available on Lady Sakis’s blogbloghead



Reminder-Hidden Torture Farm 2nd August -19th August



And if anyone is wondering about the relevance of the photograph at the start of this blog… there is none other than it acts a reminder of who and what I am and where I long to be!

And of course the most wonderful experience of my life to date


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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