From the Vaults- Bootlickers Double Trouble Revisited


Bootlickers Double Trouble

 Date: 2007

Price: $57.99 USD

Length: 54 minutes

 This movie has a particular resonance for me as in many ways it was a bit of a game changer with regard to the way I thought about things. Back in 2007 I was already a long term fan of Madame Catarina and her movies were being released thick and fast. These older movies are still available at

Madame Catarina’s other Clips 4 Sale site (as usual copy and paste into browser)

And for those whom have come late to the wonderful world of the ultimate mistress Madame Catarina they are well worth exploring. I will try to feature the landmark movies for me in this blog but there is so much wonderful material please don’t just take my word for it, explore yourselves if you have not already.


 The movie begins with the hapless bootlicker being caught kissing his mistresses boots and rubbing his cock whilst she is out. The sceptics may think to themselves ‘when will he ever learn? ‘This is obviously not a good idea. However, having had the privilege of being left alone to clean Madame Catarina’s boots I can only say the  excitement is palpable and tangible and although I have never done anything as silly as bootlicker here, being so close to the sacred does tend to push sanity out of the window.

When I first saw this movie I had been a fan of MC for three or four years and had been visiting Mistresses for longer than that…I found the first scene of this movie and still find it unbelievably exciting. Having been caught bootlicker is forced to clean the really filthy boots of both mistresses with his tongue and then become a human ashtray

Madame Catarina is devastatingly beautiful as always and the character Lea as a sort of novice mistress and the friend of MC who is intrigued with the lifestyle adds another layer to proceedings.

Although not aware of it at the time these scenes planted the seeds of the type slavery I now aspire to. I was both repulsed and excited as bootlicker licked the crap from first Madame Catarina’s and then Lea’s boots. The revulsion soon passed and a lever in my brain was pulled and things changed. I knew I wanted more than anything else in the world to lick the dirt from Madame Catarina’s boots, but this was part of something bigger that was happening in my mind. With hindsight these scenes were formative in helping me become Madame Catarina’s property and lay the foundations for a few revelations about the role of the slave.

I now know that it the role of the slave to be of use to his owner, that the slave is not a person but an object or thing to be used by its owner. I now know that I as the property of Madame Catarina it is my honour to be used however she wishes to use me and that being her property also means that I am the property of her friends. Tied into these ideas is the notion that slavery is about the sublimation of self and the true happiness for the slave stems above all else from pleasing his owner.


 The bootlicking and human ashtray scenes moves into more humiliation and degradation as Madame Catarina forces bootlicker to eat a sausage sandwich from the floor and the sole and heels of her boots. Needless to say this is highly erotically charged and converted me in an instant to food play.


The dirty boot licker is taken for a wash and brush up, or more accurately a wash down as Madame Catarina and Lea force his head down the toilet and flush it repeatedly before allowing him to lick the toilet clean…a scene that probably changed my life forever …in retrospect given the way this scene made me feel I should have resulted in me catching the first plane to Berlin and then. As it was I only became my owner and goddesses toilet brush earlier this year. Following his wash bootlicker is then milked as Lea sits on his face as Madame Catarina works his cock under her boot.

Lea leaves and Madame Catarina points out to bootlicker her disappointment in him. What follows is pure poetry as Madame Catarina prepares a noxious brown substance which she firstly allows bootlicker to lick this from her boots before force feeding him the rest.


This movie really helped guide me on the path that I am now so joyfully on. It showed me who and what I wanted to be more than anything else and that is the slave and property of Madame Catarina.

Several years later I can count among my most treasured possessions the tag with the words ‘Property of Madame Catarina’ inscribed, my collar and lead and the boots Madame Catarina wore in this movie which I bought from Madame Catarina’s shop.


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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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