Bootlicker’s Doggy Day IV-New Movie-Part One Available Now


 Madame Catarina has just announced the final instalment of the bootlicker’s doggy day series of movies.

BL_DoggyDay04_02The other Doggy Day movies are already available in their entirety at Madame Catarina’s Domina Movies Website and clips 4 sale site- copy and paste link below


 For those slaves who fanaticize about being fitted with collar and lead and becoming Madame Catarina’s doggy slave these movies are a must see.




For those of us lucky enough to have worn the collar and leash, to have been trained to walk to heel and to have had the honour of drinking and eating  from the doggy bowl at our goddesses’ feet they are a wonderful reminder of unimaginable bliss…and of course how Madame Catarina may wish to use us next time.


The latest movie has Madame Catarina at her most beautiful in leather and fur and at her most cruel. Madame Catarina’s ownership of bootlicker is total as she trains him and we all know however cruelly she may use him…we would swap place in an instant to serve as the doggy slave of Madame Catarina

More information is available at Madame Catarina’s Movie blog

And for those who have yet to make their fantasies a reality


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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