One Year A slave

I guess poetry is not very fashionable and the poetic ode has probably been out of fashion for a good hundred years. But sometimes only an ode will do. I had the great honour to be baptized Madame Catarina’s slave a year ago today.

This blog is testament to my journey. Below  is my attempt at the ancient Sapphic Ode form as a way of trying to express the depth of feelings my owner inspires.The photo is by El Poo


Ode To Goddess Madame Catarina

 Crushed beneath your heels I lie forever

Bound for eternity in your slavery

Not fit to lick the dust from beneath your boots

I belong to you

My flesh craves the biting of your whips

To bleed for you, to suffer for you always

To gaze longingly into your eyes and pray

For your cruel touch

Longing to prove only utter devotion

My pain and suffering is given gladly

For do you not own me so completely?

Mistress of my soul

You are my sun, my moon, my queen, my owner

The axis on which my universe turns

In your sweet chains I am now imprisoned

And beg no release

I have entered your slavery willingly

Dominion over all is freely given

My surrender is total and absolute

I wear your collar

Pierced, flayed, branded for your amusement

My desire, my whole, my being longs only

To grovel in servitude begging simply

To witness your smile

Am I not a slave born to your whip?

Am I not your property bound to you alone?

My goddess whom I crawl before in worship

I kneel before your throne



About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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