Do You Dare?



There are many ways to serve a mistress and many ways in which a mistress can dominate her slaves.

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 Although a world renowned virtuoso with whips and canes Madame Catarina also enjoys many other scenario’s and practices.

In addition to flagellation both severe and mild, Madame Catarina also delights in having her eager slaves grovel and humiliate themselves as they beg lick her boots or to be used as her living ashtray or human furniture. She also delights in restraints, suspension, immovable captivation, CBT, foot worship & fetishism, pet play, interrogations, as well as playing lots of psychological and role play games all in light and moderate ways of course! Unless of course the slave wants to play harder!



As an experienced mistress discretion and professionalism are paramount and limits and taboos respected. A genuine fear of the whip or of being marked need not deter the prospective slave from applying to serve as Madame Catarina takes genuine delight in exploring new ways to use and control her slaves and is always looking for new submissives to train.

As a lifestyle mistress it is important to Madame Catarina that her slaves are genuine and sincere in their wish to experience a truly fulfilling domination experience.

Madame Catarina believes that sessions need to be rewarding for both parties that is why she will session only with slaves who share at least some of her interests and that she will enjoy playing with.

Prospective slaves are invited to send Madame Catarina a respectful e-mail outlining their preferences and taboos at


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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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