Doggy Day Chapters 6 & 7 Out Now



There is a real treat in store for fans of the bootlicker doggy day movies.

Chapter Descriptions

Chapter Six

Madame Catarina continues to wrap bootlicker in the black film using tape to make sure he is bound securely. Much to Madame Catarina’s amusement with each new layer of film bootlicker becomes more helpless and once his torso and arms are wrapped to her satisfaction her attention turns to his cock and balls. These are slowly but very tightly encased in the clinging black film. Once she is satisfied that his upper body is bound securely Madame Catarina commands bootlicker to kneel on all fours before his legs and feet are tightly bound and he is totally helpless…

Chapter Seven

When Madame Catarina is happy that Bootlicker is encased satisfactorily in the black clinging film she attaches a collar and lead to her doggy slave. Blinded by the black film and perched precariously on his knees and elbows Bootlicker is taught to walk to heel correctly. His vision restored Madame Catarina decides it is feeding time and allows her slave to lick dog food from the sole of her boot before deciding the meal requires some extra seasoning. Madame Catarina expertly milks the slave Bootlicker into the bowl of dog food before allowing him to feast on his special doggy meal.                                                

Chapter Six and Chapter Seven (The Finale) are now available on Clips 4 Sale for download or can be watched in the member’s area



To whet the appetites of both fans and slaves of Madame Catarina previews of the two movies can be viewed here and here

More information and links are available here

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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