Hidden Torture Farm: Pool Party Chapters One, Two and Three Now Available

Wonderful news for all discerning lovers of both Madame Catarina and great femdom movies more generally. There are now a full three chapters of this wonderful movie to down load at Clips 4 Sale and to watch in Madame Catarina’s member’s area


A description and preview of part one can be found here

The Next Installments:


Chapter Two

Having secured the slave to her satisfaction Madame Catarina decides it is time to test him with her electronic fly zapper as she takes great delight in zapping his nipples, cock and balls, The zapper has the desired effect as the helpless slave squirms with the pain. After tightly binding his cock and balls Madame Catarina attaches a chain and weight to them before setting to work with her riding crop. The slave writhes in agony as Madame Catarina enthusiastically beats his nipples, cock and balls before reaching once more for her trusty fly zapper……

Chapter Two Preview  

Farm05_03 Chapter Three

Madame Catarina amuses herself for a while by using the electronic fly zapper on her helpless slave’s cock before deciding he needs a heavier weight attached to his balls. Again and again a flick of the chain or touch of the boot sends the weight spinning much to the slave’s discomfort and Madame Catarina’s delight. Then it is time for a different more painful game as Madame Catarina attaches an empty bucket to his balls and slowly begins to fill it with water, stopping every so often to administer the riding crop to his nipples and cock and to douse him in cold water. Madame Catarina then spits into her slaves gaping mouth before deciding what her next poolside entertainment will be….

 Chapter Three Preview

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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