From The Vaults- Get Trained Bootlicking



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 It is always a difficult task to decide which of Madame Catarina’s many wonderful movies to revisit for this blog. There are so many and they are so varied…the only constant being Madame Catarina’s beauty and power. How to choose between a brutal canning movie, Dr Psycho’s sadism or the humiliation and degradation of bootlicker is difficult.

But as this is a personal blog and is in some part meant to be about my journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery I have tried to select movies which have a very personal resonance…whether this is because of the impact they had on me on first watching or whether on reflection they represent a milestone on my journey…or as in the case of this movie both.

As I prepare to embark on the next stage of my journey deeper into Madame Catarina’s slavery I find myself reflecting not only on these next steps but also on how I have arrived here and how total and complete Madame Catarina’s ownership of me has become. Get Trained Bootlicking was certainly a contributing factor on my journey

 Get Trained Bootlicking

Price $23.99

Length 22 minutes



The get trained bootlicker movie has a very special place in my slave heart. This was the first time I I not only heard Madame Catarina speaking English but the movie is shot entirely from a slave’s eye view…with Madame Catarina addressing the slave directly.


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The movie begins with a shot of Madame Catarina lacing up her boots…the shot is taken from behind a …the idea being that the slave is hiding beneath Madame Catarina’s bench…the voyeuristic nature of the filming and the sound of Madame Catarina’s heels on the cold tiled floor build the excitement and anticipation. I can remember on first viewing how my heart leapt when Madame Catarina spies the slave in her cupboard and speaks directly to camera…in a very real way she was speaking directly to me.


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What follows is pure bootlicking bliss as Madame Catarina beckons the viewer out of the cupboard, attaches a lead and then gives directions as to how her boots need to be licked clean. The entire movie is filmed from the slaves eye view all in close up…with some wonderful camera work on the boots as Madame Catarina constantly instructs the slave on how to use his tongue on her boots…the slave is rewarded  for his good work by being allowed to taste Madame Catarina’s spit before being locked in the cupboard with the promise of more work for his tongue later, Madame Catarina leaves the room and the lights go out.


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The description does not do the movie justice. The movie is so atmospheric and on first watching I ached with a deep and sincere longing to wear Madame Catarina’s collar and to lick her boots like this.

The movie still has this effect, only now the sights and sounds stir sweet memories as well. …This the closet it is possible to get to being a slave in Madame Catarina’s saloon without actually being there.

As I reflect on the next stages of my journey and plan my next visit to Berlin to serve my owner and mistress I can see how profoundly this relatively short movie has affected me and I am truly grateful for this first glimpse of what serving Madame Catarina might be like…

 Journey 6


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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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