Sardax – Madame Catarina Looks Around the Gag Shop

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 What can I say about this image?

It is one in a set of four recent pictures by Sardax that feature famous mistresses frequenting the gag shop. The full set are available in the members area at Sardax’s website

I love the worlds Sardax creates. For many years these worlds have inhabited the darkest and deepest recesses of my slave soul. These wonderful worlds have haunted my slave dreams for years and I have long fantasised about living in one of these wonderful worlds. The recurring themes of forniphilia and pet play in the art of Sardax have long spoken to something deep inside of me.

I have always found the idea of the slave as an object or as an animal very erotically charged as these imply that the will of the slave has been totally subsumed by that of his mistress and he has become wholly owned.

Obviously this is an idealized slave state of grace, to exist only to serve his Mistress; to become an object for her to use however she wishes…needless to say a world where this is the norm fuels  my slave imagination. How my slave soul longs to be part of a world where male slaves are treated like pets and objects .


I love the idea of the local village gag shop being frequented by mistresses and their pets. The gag is such an important object in the training of a slave  as it denies him e not only a voice but it also allows his mistress to easily control his breath….a wonderful symbol of complete ownership. When the gag is a fornophilic gag, and the slave is reduced to the status of a thing the symbolism is so much richer.

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To see my owner and goddess Madame Catarina depicted in such a world is something very special indeed. The image of Madame Catarina considering the purchase  of the gag stirs wonderful memories of how she has used me in the past and of course desperate longings for how she will use me in the future. How I long to wear this gag and to become the receptacle for all Madame Catarina may wish to discard.

More importantly, when I look at this image I realize how far I have traveled into Madame Catarina’ slavery and how complete and total her ownership of me has become….and of course how blessed I am to be allowed to serve her.









About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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