A Winter Wonderland


 ‘We have a nice and warm autumn but who is dare enough for outdoor training when the Mistresses around wear warm fur and you are naked crawling through the snow?’

The cold bit deep to his very core, he could no longer feel anything in his toes and fingers apart from a dull searing pain. How long had he been out in the snow naked, how long had he been tethered out here? If only he had not been blindfolded he could at least see where he was and if only he had not been gagged, then perhaps he could shout for help.

Surely he had suffered enough already? How long were they going to leave him out here? What on earth had possessed him to refuse to eat his dog food from the bowl? What had he been thinking?

Where were Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice? Had they just left him out here to freeze?

As if in answer to his unspoken question the lash of a whip burst in searing pain across his body. Again and again the whips rained down on his cold naked flesh as he whimpered in agony to the peel of his mistresses’ laughter.

The blindfold suddenly removed he could see Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice whips in hand warm and snug in their leather and furs as the snow fell all around. More stinging pain from their whips followed before he was untied and led slowly towards the lighted door and whatever punishments awaited him within…


Do You Dare?




About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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