Some Thoughts on the Joy of Giving-Madame Catarina’s Birthday


In just a few weeks’ time it will be the most important day of the year…December 8th…Madame Catarina’s birthday. Given the vagaries of international postal services and increased volumes of post due to something happening on 25th December in some counties now is a good time to start thinking about gifts for the special day.

It is difficult to overestimate the role that gift giving has had on my journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery. I have always found the idea of a slave selflessly giving gifts to his mistress is an important part of slavery…

When the gift is given with no expectation of reward and it is a gift that his mistress has expressly stated she wishes then the gift is a true act of devotion, especially if the slave has to deny himself something in order to give the giftBL_NewBoots_02

On the other hand unbidden, cheap or thoughtless gifts I would suggest are disrespectful…as we say in England…it is the thought that counts.

I can remember the first time I sent a gift to Madame Catarina. Feeling waves of adoration and devotion I sent Madame Catarina some books from her amazon wish list   I received a wonderful thank you e-mail and I was delighted that I had managed to provide some small service to the goddess I worshipped from afar.

BL_HumanFurniture_06 (1)

Seeing Madame Catarina reading these books in a movie made me determined to one day become her slave. I have taken a wonderful delight in sending gifts to my goddess ever since…and not just on her birthday or at Christmas! Whether it be fetish clothes or toys, books, DVDs, CDs or just objects that Madame Catarina wants there is a great joy in simply giving.

If Madame Catarina decides to use the toys or wear the clothes and boots in her movies this is a wonderful added bonus…and if she decides to do the same in session even better…can there be any greater honour for a slave to be trampled under the boots he has bought his mistress or to fall victim to the toys he has bought for her…


The giving of a gift is a token of adoration and an act of worship…this is why I always make sure I never turn up for a session without a gift and Now that I have been baptized Madame Catarina’s slave and property and she owns me completely, being able to present a gift to my mistress and owner is a very special thing.


As I enter deeper into Madame Catarina ‘s slavery I know there can be no greater joy than pleasing my mistress and owner…and gift giving is a small part of this.

 Madame Catarina’s Amazon Wish List


Worship Madame Catarina and find out how to serve


ImageBDSM Double-Trouble



About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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