Kidnap at the Torture Farm- Where Fantasy Meets Reality


Images from a real life kidnap session- The words are just a fantasy…for now.

Some birthday present this was turning out to be. I suppose I couldn’t really complain it was quite decent of the old girl to fork out for any sort of present after her birthday. How was I to know she could spot the difference between fake pearls and the real things?  I was just glad she didn’t know about the horse. I was sure it was going to win. That’s why I bet the lot on the nose, her inheritance, the savings the lot…just as well she hasn’t found out. Sometimes I think she might guess at my gambling and other women, but she couldn’t know or why would she arrange this birthday present; an all-expense paid visit to a top secret racing stable to find out first-hand how the experts train their horses is what she said.


I must admit it all seems a bit over the top with the secrecy. A chauffer from the station dropping me off in the middle of nowhere and then telling me to wait at the roadside to be picked up, it all seems a bit suspicious. At last a car is coming, it is slowing down but it can’t be them, its two women and what do women know about training dumb animals? There getting out of the car. Oh a text from my wife ‘ I know you like the ponies and the ladies…meet my friends Madame Catarina and Lady Caprice they will show how they train ponies and  just what real ladies want from a male specimen before they return you to me’. I reread it again. What the hell does that mean…hey what’s going on …

And the world went dark and changed forever.

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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