Sardax’s ‘The Gag Shop’: The Stuttgart Recreation – A Slave’s Diary

It would probably be a lie to say it came as a bolt out of the blue but I had to read the email several times before its meaning became clear. I read the words again and again and with each reading I became more sure of their meaning and I felt a warm rush of pleasure swell inside of me. I looked around the almost deserted train station as I became aware I was grinning like the cat that had got the cream. I tried to compose myself a little before re-reading the message but my grin just got bigger.

Maybe I should explain.

As readers of my blog will know I am the slave and property of Madame Catarina and I have been on a journey to enter deeper into her slavery. The email I had just read was from Madame Catarina and it was suggesting something very special. Many of you will know the amazing English fetish artist Sardax featured a drawing of Madame Catarina in a series called the Gag Shop for the Japanese publication Megami-no-ai. This series featured Madame CatarinaMistress Akella, Mistress Ezada Sinn and Lady Victoria Valente shopping for gags with their slaves.  The email I had just received from Madame Catarina was informing me that I would be accompanying her to a photographic recreation of these drawings somewhere in Europe in 2015.

Sardax LVVSardax Akella

Sardax MCSardax MEZAfter the event it is difficult for those not involved to realize the sheer scale of organisation required to stage the gag shop project.  Where in Europe could it take place? How and when would Europe’s four greatest mistresses manage to synchronise diaries? And there was the small matter of finding a photographer skillful enough able to recreate Sardax’s vision.  Soon Stuttgart was decided upon and the dates in early May finalised.  Soon after the highly talented Germinal was confirmed as the photographer and the project took on a life of its own as the four mistresses decided to take advantage of the location and the availability of Lady Victoria’s Domatrix S M Studio to make some movies and offer double dom sessions all of which would require more organisation such as actor slaves and publicity. I mention this not because I had any hand in it but because it easy lose sight of what a monumental undertaking the gag shop project was.

Madame Catarina entrusted me with booking flights, finding hotels and obviously sorting out the finances of travel. My duties where to be many but would involve mainly cleaning, fetching, packing and carrying. My role was to make Madame Catarina’s journey and stay as comfortable and as trouble free as possible.  I was to devote myself to seeing that her every whim and that of the other mistresses was satisfied and to generally help things run smoothly.

As each piece of the jigsaw slotted slowly into place and the project drew nearer my excitement and nervousness mounted.  I knew Madame Catarina had plans for my slave future and I knew the Gag Shop Project represented a gear change in my training. I also knew it was something of a test. I only hoped I did not let Madame Catarina down in anyway.

And so it was with some trepidation that I took my flight to Berlin, negotiated that city at the height of a train strike and eventually let myself into Madame Catarina’s dungeon.

Bl ashtray gag

In the dimly lit saloon I could see an array of boots and leather clothes piled on the floor together with various pieces of equipment and cleaning materials.  In pride of place where the two new gags that Madame Catarina had made with her slave bootlicker a couple of days before. The pile of clothes and equipment stirred memories deep within me both from my own experiences in these very rooms and of course from the movies; almost every item at some time having a starring role with the exception of the amazing new gags and I was sure their time would come soon.  The two new gags reminded me of Madame Catarina’s gag story and what it would be like to be fitted with these devices. The idea excited me beyond belief; the idea of being blind and helpless as Madame Catarina controlled me so totally…I quickly tried to control these thoughts. This was not what this trip was about. This was not to be about me and my fantasies and desires. It was about a different kind of slavery.

BL funnel gag

I longed to start work straight away but I had my instructions, recharge my phone and laptop, a quick shower and go to the bed Madame Catarina had prepared for me. So once all plugged in and showered I entered the room where Madame Catarina had kindly prepared my bed.

I climbed into the leather sack and inhaled deeply as my owners perfume on the pillow mingled with the smell of leather. I zipped myself securely into the sack encased in leather in the darkness and lying perfectly still memories flooded in of the other occasions I had spent in this room. I tried to focus my mind as the memories of intense pleasure and pain I had experienced here and how Madame Catarina had made me her property.  I knew there was nothing else but this, this was where I wanted to be more than anywhere, and it was where I belonged. I was her slave and she my owner, my goddess and my future.

At first light I set to work lovingly cleaning the leather stopping only briefly to look at a messages on my I phone instructing me to take my collar from the cupboard and put it on. Which of course I did immediately knowing full well it was to be worn at all times inside her saloon.

I busied myself with the cleaning and was a good way through the pile when Madame Catarina arrived.  I was allowed to kiss her boots and she expressed how pleased she was with my work to date. She then briefed me on the final arrangements for Stuttgart and my duties for the day. The good news from Stuttgart was that all of the visiting mistresses would be in the same hotel and that Mistress Ezada Sinn’s ‘French slave’ would collect us from the airport. My duties for the day would be mainly cleaning and packing but there were several errands I would need to run as well as shopping and preparing meals.

I spent the day carrying out my tasks and taking instructions via my mobile as Madame Catarina informed me of when she would return and what she wanted prepared and how. The day passed in blissful busyness. As a special honour I was allowed to assist her with painting her nails in readiness for the trip. My heart was in my mouth the whole time I was painting but thankfully I did not make any mistakes and was told I had done a good job…for a slave I was where I most wanted to be doing what I most wanted to do …serving my owner Madame Catarina. That evening I returned to my leather sack a very tired but very happy slave.

Lufthansa lounge

The next morning I was up early making the final adjustments to the packing, preparing a brunch for Madame Catarina and running a few last minute errands and very soon it was time to leave for the airport. At the airport I had the honour of being allowed to fetch and carry for Madame Catarina as we made our way to the Lufthansa Business lounge and after a pleasant flight we arrived in Stuttgart where as promised Mistress Ezada Sinn’s French slave was there to collect us.

At the hotel Mistress Akella and Mistress Ezada Sinn and her slave husband were waiting to greet Madame Catarina. I was introduced to the ladies and once I had checked in and arranged the luggage I was told I could escort the three mistresses to dinner with the other slaves. It was such an honour to walk in the street behind these three amazing mistresses and to be allowed to sit at table with them.


As the evening wore on the conversations turned to BDSM and slaves and I realised I had so much to learn and so much more to experience and I was greedy for this. But what I realised most of all was that all I wanted now was to become was the best slave I could possibly be for my mistress and owner Madame Catarina.

The following morning at precisely 7.30 I was placing Madame Catarina’s coffee outside of her hotel room door.  It is hard to describe the pleasure that such a simple act gave me. I had known for a long time that my slavery extended far beyond the dungeon door yet I was taken aback at just how each small task completed made me more of her slave and property.

Studio 4

A little later along with Madame Catarina’s clothes and equipment for the movies and sessions we were driven to the dungeon of Lady Victoria Valente. Once inside the dungeon I was instructed to arrange Madame Catarina’s things in the ladies dressing room. Madame Catarina told me to unpack my collar and put it on. I did this with great relish. I felt deep inside that this was where I belonged and what I wanted to be.


The rest of that day and the next passed in a blur of leather, boots, whips, canes, coffee and meals out.  All to a soundtrack of whip cracks, heels on hard floors, the commands of mistresses and the cries and moans of slaves. I carried out my duties of fetching and carrying, cleaning, making sure the mistresses were well looked after, preparing equipment and generally doing as I was told.  I soon became accustomed to anticipating the needs of the ladies and learnt how they liked things done. The ladies of course were all stunningly beautiful none more so than Madame Catarina. Over those two days I assisted Madame Catarina with her wardrobe when required helping with her boots or straightening her nylon stockings seams and I knew then that I had become unequivocally her property.

I was especially blessed over these days to become Madame Catarina’s personal foot slave. The hectic filming schedule and sessions meant that the ladies were walking in their stunning high heels for hours at a time. Each time there was a break in the schedule I was summoned to gently remove my mistresses’ boots and massage her feet. I knew as I knelt silently rubbing and kneading my owners stockinged feet as she chatted and laughed with the other mistresses that this was where I belonged


The following day was the day of the photoshoot and I started my day as always by placing Madame Catarina‘s Coffee outside her door at 7.30.  Once again at the Domatrix studio it was a busy day with movie making in the morning. Throughout the morning the photoshoot team began to assemble. As well as Germanil there were two photo shoot actors, Mistress Ezada Sinn’s slave husband and French slave, myself and most importantly the four mistresses. The morning was a hectic hive of activity as photo actors were briefed, props such a vast array of gags, masks, whips and wig stands where checked double checked and then packed.  Mistress Akella, Lady Victoria Valente and Mistress Ezada Sinn had changed into their outfits for the outdoor photo shoot. As Madame Catarina did not appear in these she had decided to leave off changing until at the second location. When all was ready, checked, double checked and triple checked the cars were loaded and like some modern day Femdom wagon train the Gag Shop Project was on the road.

Gag Photo outside

Following the car in front (the photographer Germinal) everyone arrived safely at the almost deserted location. The location, a quiet suburban railway station had been discovered by Germinal on one of his reconnaissance missions. The site was perfect and I found myself thankful for the rail strike that I had been cursing only a few days before.  Soon a well-oiled professional machine sprang into action and with all hands on deck the station platform was soon a flurry of activity.


Once the camera equipment and lighting had been unloaded there came the great unveiling of the slave shopping basket ;a wonderful creation made by hand in Berlin which would be strapped to a slave’s back during the photo shoot. This is a truly amazing construction that is scheduled to take residence in Madame Catarina’s saloon at some point in the future.

MC & LVV-outside

In the past I have met many so called professional photographers but none as professional or inspired as Germanil. There were a lot of technical issues involved in recreating Sardax’s images which required meticulous plotting of the tableaus. This often required slaves standing in for mistresses for light readings and photo actors standing in for lighting rigs.  The activity attracted the attention of some of the local residents particularly when the slave actors where partially stripped and hooded but having stopped to stare for a few minutes they soon wandered off.

Gag shop inside

Once the outdoor shooting was completed all was packed up and everyone moved to the next location for the indoor shooting.  This was held at the Arachne SM shop in Stuttgart and the photo was to feature Madame Catrina, Lady Victoria Valente, and two photo slave actors. The machine rolled into action once more and very soon the lighting and set where all in place. Madame Catarina looked truly amazing as she emerged from her dressing room in the outfit she had worn for the original Sardax drawing. She was so beautiful it almost hurt to look upon her. Handing me the custom made spurs a slave had made for her she told me to put them on. I knelt before her to put them on and felt that feeling of ownership so strongly it almost took my breath away. I watched on as the tableau was recreated and took a few ‘behind the scenes photos’ as Madame Catarina’s had instructed me to. Very soon there were a series of flashes and clicks and the final Gag Shop scene had been recreated.

Inside 2 blur1

The Gag Shop wagon train packed up and the day concluded with a dinner at a restaurant for mistresses, slaves, photo actors and Germinal. It was quite obvious to everyone involved that the photo shoot had been something special and the results would be something very special indeed.

The next day started as always with my mistresses’ coffee and very soon to the studio for Madame Catarina’s final movie shoot and last session. I busied myself packing and with Madame Catarina’s wardrobe and very soon there were fond farewells and Mistress Ezada Sinn’s slave husband was taking us to the airport.

At Berlin we were met by another of Madame Catarina’s slaves who drove us to her saloon. Once I had unpacked the suitcases I was sent out to buy wine and a meal for Madame Catarina.  It was then that Madame Catarina told me that she was pleased with my behaviour and conduct. There was of course room for improvement and things I needed to be trained to do quicker and more to her liking but on the whole she was pleased. After the meal Madame Catarina allowed me to escort her to her car where she instructed me to take her saddle back to her dungeon. As I walked back to her dungeon carrying her saddle  I realised that she could ride me down the high street with a bit in my mouth or walk me through Kudamm on all fours with collar and lead and I would rejoice in it.

That night I climbed into my leather sack a very tired but contented slave. I thought of the events  of the last few days and of times I had spent in this room before; strapped down and  gagged to drink ‘slave ice,’ restrained and chained, or suspended and I knew I was more helpless now, more completely under Madame Catarina’s control than at any of those times.

I awoke in my leather sack not quite sure what time it was. I checked my phone and thankfully there had been no messages. I showered quickly and began work on cleaning and tidying Madame Catarina’s clothes, boots and equipment. Once I had finished with the gag shop items Madame Catarina ted to another suitcase which she had used recently at the Torture Farm and told me to clean those items as well. I did so gladly and once I had finished cleaning she decided that I would be much more useful as a slave if I knew where everything went and instructed me where each item or type of item was kept.

Once each item had been cleaned and put in its place I began to tidy and clean the dungeon, hovering and mopping and generally returning everything to its proper place. I had a brief respite from my chores to write my blog and work on a few IT issues before I was sent out shopping and told that I must cook my mistress a special meal that evening.

Cooking for Madame Catrina is a wonderful experience and a great honour. I have had this honour before and was very aware that whatever I offered this time had to equal if not surpass my previous offering. Forget the TV cookery competitions, nothing is as nerve racking as cooking for Madame Catarina. As the cooking progressed I feared that it was going wrong and thought of all of the whips, canes and various devices in the dungeon all designed for inflicting maximum pain.

And then I realised this was a silly thought. Madame Catarina could place me in her dungeon and do whatever she wishes with me whenever she likes. I am her property and she can do with me what she pleases. The real pain of messing up the cooking would be serving my owner a sub-standard meal and letting her down. Of course the stand full of whips and canes and Madame Catarina’s ‘special boxes ‘focus the mind as well!

Thankfully Madame Catarina enjoyed her meal and as I returned to the dungeon and my leather sack I felt a deep joy mingled with a sadness that I had to leave the next day.

The next day I woke early and after showering and packing began to clean and tidy removing all traces of my tenure at the dungeon. I inspected everything I had done the previous day as I knew Madame Catarina had a session the following day. It would soon be time to leave and I was dreading leaving, I really did not want to go but duty called.

Madame Catarina inspected my work and pronounced it satisfactory. She told me she was very pleased with my service over the week and that she had almost decided her future plans for me. I was ordered to kiss her feet and slowly the dungeon door closed behind me and I made my way towards the U Bahn

My train journey to the airport that day was strange. Outwardly it appeared like any other train journey but inside I knew I was changed. Before this trip Madame Catarina had asked if there was any aspect of my slave life I would like to explore…I had replied I wanted to become useful , I wanted to learn practical things and behaviours she required but most of all I wanted desperately for her to strengthen her ownership of me and deepen my slavery.

Sat on the train I realised that something fundamental had changed in me; not only had the nature of my slavery and Madame Catarina’s ownership changed but I had changed. She owned me to my very core and my life was now one of service and absolute devotion.  I was as helpless as a leaf caught in the midst of a hurricane and I embraced this with all my heart.



Madame Catarina

Mistress Akella

Lady Victoria Valente

Mistress Ezada Sinn


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