The Movie Magic Becomes Reality At The Hidden Torture Farm

After the recent announcement that Madame Catarina and Lady Stella will be at the hidden torture farm from the 14th August-16th August. A bit of background about the farm:


The hidden torture farm is an isolated and wholly private farm just south of Berlin…the details are on Madame Catarina’s website. Attendance at this unmissable event must be booked via Madame Catarina’s website where there is more information and a simple form to complete.

Suffice to say because of it’s seclusion the farm lends itself to kidnapping, imprisonment, pet play, bootcamp, military drill and all sorts of outdoor scenarios. There is also a medical room, a classic dungeon and a cellar for those double trouble sessions.  The farm has been the setting for seven  movies to date and I am sure I am not the only slave to have fantasized about being held prisoner there.

If you have not seen the movies they are available on C4S and also at MCinema  


The movies are:

Hidden Torture Farm


The Lazy Stable Boy


Agent One Breaks the Spy


Agent One Testing the New Spy Recruit  Image

Hidden Torture Farm V: Pool Party

Farm05_02 an

Hidden Torture Farm VI

Farm 01 pics

The movies are all available on C4S and MCinema which also features still photos from most of the movies

The backdrop of the farm really gives these movies a deeper resonance particularly with the clock ticking toward the event in August and some places are already booked.

I find watching Madame Catarina treat her slaves like animals really exciting whether it be simply housing them in a sty, riding them like horses, taking them for walkies or feeding them dog food from a bowl.  The farm setting reminds me that a slave is like any other domesticated beast and exists solely for its owners use

The Isolation of the farm also adds an extra dimension to the Agent One movies filmed here and the theme of breaking the slave. The idea that Madame Catarina can through psychological and physical torture bend even the most unwilling to her will is magical. I love watching Madame Catarina converting victims into slaves. I am guessing it is the desire of many slaves to be broken this way and to be reborn as a true and total slave…even those who enter into slavery willingly are always seeking further and more total domination.

I should just say that these observations are about my thoughts, feelings and fantasies. These do not represent what will actually happen at the farm…I’m guessing that all depends on what you put in the form and email e-mail to Madame Catarina …..

And just in case you missed this last time

Facebook Update

Madame Catarina’s account was blocked by Facebook a few weeks ago. You can now follow her on her new page here.

Madame Catarina Domina

Also following on… my own account has been suspended…my new profile is here so please befriend me if you want to

unnamed (8)

There is also a new FB group page dedicated to the Hidden Torture Farm


More details about the event here


Find out more about this project and Madame Catarina’s new movies please read her blog

If you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at C4S


And watched in MCinema members area and there are over 100 photo galleries


You can find out more about how to serve Madame Catarina at the following these links:

Madame Catarina Shop

VS_ShopOpeningMadame Catrina’s Website 


BDSM Double Trouble (with Lady Caprice)Screen_DT

thumb (7)Galerie de Sade


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