Slave PJ Training Diary- Day Three

Day Three


I lay awake a good part of the night as Madame Catarina filled my half waking mind with memories of the past and memories yet to be. Surrounded by such familiar objects I could not help be reminded of the intense levels of pleasure and pain I had experienced at her hands in this very room… until the CB device cut into my reverie and reminded me of my status as her property and slave.

The next day was a busy one from the start with cleaning and cooking and soon my head was back in dungeon mode and I was allowed to spend a happy afternoon cleaning and polishing some of Madame Catarina’s leather outfits and boots. Each object was a reminder of a session, a movie or was a gift I had made to her…and sometimes all three.  Needless to say my CB device cut into my reverie, etc….

I had been told what equipment was needed for Madame Catarina’s evening session and how she wanted the equipment arranged. I tended to the whips required with due care and diligence all the time imagining the whip biting deep into my flesh before my CB device cut into my reverie, etc,,,

That evening I was banished to the kitchen to be summoned only once the session was over to clear and tidy the dungeon. Madame Catarina then allowed me to take her to one of her favourite restaurants’ where I was allowed to buy her dinner.

After a wonderful evening in my owners company I returned to my dungeon bed but only after organising the items that required cleaning early the following morning.

As I lay in my leather sack once more…my CB device cut once more into my reverie…..


Tic Toc went the clock


Time and tide wait for no man

And neither do Madame Catarina and Mistress Stella

Find out more about the Hidden Torture Farm , other projects and Madame Catarina’s new movies please read her blog

If you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at C4S


And watched in MCinema members area and there are over 100 photo galleries


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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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