Slave pj Training Diary- Day Five

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I awoke early the next day…or rather I got out of my leather sack as I did not really sleep,  tormented as I was with thoughts of Madame Catarina happily working her way through the contents of her dungeon on my all too willing body.

I should point out at this point that descriptions of the events over the days of the Hidden Torture Farm Event will be very sketchy indeed. So much has happened and Madame Catarina has instructed me to write a fuller account at a later date. The descriptions for the next few days I am sure will only scratch the surface.

Suffice to say that today was the big day and it was off to the Hidden Torture Farm that morning. After a final check that everything was in order Madame Catarina placed me back into the chastity device .In a strange way it was a relief as I no longer had to rely solely on the internal chastity device that passes for my brain. Before long it was time to load Madame Catarina’s car and set off. Madame Catarina was in high spirits with the prospect of so many new (and old) slaves to train and torture.

On arrival at the farm Madame Catarina gave me a guided tour. If you can imagine your favourite movie star giving you a personal guided tour of your favourite movie sets…well that doesn’t even come close to the excitement and elation I felt.

Soon it was back to work and I was soon in the Hidden Torture Farm dungeon and laying out Madame Catarina’s equipment ready for the arrival of Lady Stella and a bit later the arrival of the first ‘guests’.

My head was spinning at the array of different instruments of torture on display and I was thankful for the chastity device. I am not sure my mind alone could have hidden my excitement.

I was introduced to the beautiful Lady Stella and greeted her appropriately in the slave manner and very soon I was taken to the Tack Room-where in between my personal slave duties of making sure both Mistresses were comfortable, had plenty of cool drinks and good food I was to clean all of the equipment and outfits once was used.

As I worked in the closed room I could just hear the anguished cries of slaves as Madame Catarina and Lady Stella trained the inmates of the Hidden Torture farm. Needless to say both Ladies appeared devastatingly beautiful each time they brought me their used items and outfits for cleaning and both Ladies exuded a vibrant energy which I knew meant they were both thoroughly enjoying using and tormenting their slaves

Later in the evening I was allowed to serve at table as the Ladies enjoyed a barbecue whilst elsewhere locked in the cellars the ‘guests’ dined on something more fitting to their status. I was lucky to be allowed to dine on the Ladies left overs and as I made my way to my new dungeon bed I thought how lucky I was to serve such wonderful Mistresses and what a pity everyday could not be a special event at the Hidden Torture Farm.

Needless to say I struggled to sleep once more ….

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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