Slave pj Training Diary-Day Six


In the morning I had an unexpected awakening.  It seemed that Madame Catarina and Lady Stella had been discussing activities the previous evening and had decided that they would like a Sulky race. A Sulky is a one person carriage often used for racing and Madame Catarina had commissioned her own special racing chariot for human ponies. It seemed for some reason that I am not privy to a ‘guest’ was not able to compete in the competition and so it was that I was the next best thing.

I must admit I was a bit phased by this and a little bit apprehensive. As anyone who has read this blog before can testify I do not have the stature of an Olympian (to put it mildly) although Madame Catarina is working on this. Just take a look at my previous post and the picture of my big fat butt (Day Four) whilst cleaning Madame Catarina’s car if you don’t believe me.

To be honest if I could I would bet against myself in any race of this kind and just as I was getting my head around my new role as a human pony Madame Catarina texted to tell me there would be a forfeit for the loser.


The Ladies drew lots to see who would get which slave and who would go first. Lady Stella drew me and I would go first with Lady Stella in the sulky. The race was 10 circuits of the farmyard and Madame Catarina timed our efforts with a stopwatch. It was then the turn of Madame Catarina and the other slave and luckily he gave permission to be photographed. Lady Stella held the stopwatch and I managed to get a couple of passable photos on my smartphone. Much to my surprise and dismay his time was slower than mine. I was upset that my Mistress had lost but she took it all in good humour, saying that she could torture me anytime she wished and it was fun to have a new toy to play with.

Lady Stella and Madame Catarina got to work on the hapless slave and I was allowed to take a few photos before he was taken into the dungeon and I returned to the Tack Room to start my cleaning once more. I had mixed feelings about winning the race; obviously I was upset that I had caused Madame Catarina to lose, but I also felt both regret and relief that it is was not me who was dragged off to the dungeon. But, I am sure my time will come one day!


Obviously this was not a movie or photo shoot so there this is only one example of the kind of thing that was happening.My duties kept me away from most of the activities and I did not see much of the activities taking place at the farm…although I worked constantly to the accompaniment of moans, yelps and groans in the background.

Once again I cooked and served the Ladies their evening meal and was then dismissed to clean and tidy the dungeon before zipping myself into my leather sack on the dungeon floor. I could hear Madame Catarina’s and Lady Stella’s laughter ring around the farm late into the evening and I wondered whether they had finished torturing slave’s for the day or whether some poor soul would get an unexpected nightly visit.

I was totally exhausted but still struggled to sleep as the events of the day mixed with my half waking fantasies and my Mistresses cruel laughter. But my chastity device did its job once more……

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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