Slave pj Training Diary: Day Nine

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The next morning I awoke and went to Madame Catarina’s saloon to begin work on tidying and cleaning. The floor of the saloon was littered with whips of all shapes and hues…it looked as if Madame Catarina had used virtually every whip and crop that she owned on the slave. Later in the day I found that this was not really the case when Madame Catarina explained to me that sometimes it takes a while to decide on the perfect whip for each slave’s ass or to create a particular effect.

I carefully gathered the whips together and having thoroughly cleaned the whipping bench and put it back in position I started slowly and carefully to clean the whips as I had been instructed before laying them out for inspection. As I lay out each whip I could feel an excitement mount with in me. I had never been a great masochist before meeting Madame Catarina and if truth be told I am still not. Madame Catarina has always respected this, always respecting my limits and tolerance levels but I had felt change within me these last few days.

I desperately wanted to submit totally and completely to her, to feel her whips tear at my skin, to feel the sweet pain as I desperately writhed in agony for her pleasure and amusement. I thought of all the devices and equipment I had cleaned over the last week or so and desperately wanted to be taken once more into her dungeon and to offer my pain as a gift to her. I could feel my device straining under the pressure from my cock but this only excited me further…it took a little while for me to bring myself under control before cleaning and tidying the rest of the dungeon.

Once the whips and the dungeons had been inspected by Madame Catarina I had a rather wonderful surprise. I was instructed to fetch a bowl and ewer from the saloon and allowed to wash and dry Madame Catarina’s beautiful feet.  I knew what an honour it was to be allowed to bathe my owner’s feet. I wondered briefly what it would be like to smoother her feet in kisses and suck each beautiful toe spotlessly clean before concentrating fully once more on the job in hand.

The rest of the day passed in a bit of a blur and suddenly it was time to meet Mistress Ezada and her slave in a nearby restaurant. Madame Catarina appeared like a beautiful vision and as we walked to the restaurant I knew really I should have been crawling behind my goddess. At the restaurant Mistress Ezada was sat at a table with her slave and she was looking very beautiful.

The evening passed in a flash. It was a real honour to sit at table with two such beautiful Mistresses’ although it did feel a little strange not to be kneeling at Madame Catarina’s feet and eating out of a dog bowl.

As I climbed into my sack on the dungeon floor later that night I could sense the changes that were taking place in me. I realised how much had changed over the last week or so and how slowly but surely I was being led deeper into Madame Catarina’s slavery. It felt as if I no longer existed other than as her slave…to serve her  was my raison detre and I would do anything she wished of me …anything

And it was with those thoughts that I fell asleep…which might explain what happened next…

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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