Signing the Contract of Madame Catarina’s Ownership of slave pj

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As many of you will have realised the daily entries for my slave training diary run a few days behind actual events. This is basically because I am too busy living the events described to write and publish them on the same day. But something happened earlier this evening that warrants a break in the timeline.

I will not go into details just yet but suffice to say a short ceremony took place early this evening which involved both Madame Catarina and I signing a contract of ownership. The signing was accompanied by a toast with Madame Catarina drinking sparkling wine whilst I had the privilege and honour of toasting my Mistress, Goddess and Owner with the rarest and most wonderful Golden Champagne.

More details will follow later in the timeline…but for now I just wanted to share this joyful and momentous event with followers of the blog as I move deeper into Madame Catarina’s ownership and become more absolutely her slave and property.


About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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4 Responses to Signing the Contract of Madame Catarina’s Ownership of slave pj

  1. gordon says:

    Congratulations to Madame Catrina on Her latest acqiusition

  2. frank says:

    very Lucky slave pj and congratulation to Madame Catarina.

  3. sardaxart says:

    Congratulations pg- wishing you many happy years of servitude!

  4. Slave PJ says:

    Thank you both….I am a very luck slave I know…

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