Slave pj Training Diary: Day Ten

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I awoke in the pitch blackness of the dungeon and immediately knew something was not quite right. It was difficult to place at first but I gradually realised I had an erection. Given the life I have been leading recently it really should come as no surprise that this should be the case. This is probably why it took me so long to work it out. I may have had a full erection but I was also wearing a chastity device.

I quickly pulled myself out of the leather sack and put on the dungeon lights.  I looked down at my stiff hard cock and saw the remains of the cage part of my device dangling loose almost in two parts. The padlock was tightly locked and the cock ring still intact, but the cage was split open.  There are two explanations that sprang to mind. Either my night thoughts and fantasies were so strong that my cock developed super human strength and burst the cage…or my night thoughts and fantasies were so strong the simply burst a badly made device….I wish it was the former but fear it was the latter.

After the initial rather pleasant sensation of ‘swinging low and free’ I began to see this occurrence as a bit of a disaster.  I dearly loved being locked into chastity by Madame Catarina. I felt it increased her power over me in so many ways. It constantly reminded me of my status as slave and property but also allowed me the freedom of not having to constantly monitor my thoughts and their effect on my cock 24 hours a day…the device would do this for me.

But for a while at least it was back to good old fashioned self- control and of course it meant weeing and washing were not quite so problematic. Later in the morning I explained to Madame Catarina what had happened and she asked to check the device. Much to her amusement I presented her with what was left of the cage and she laughed.

A lot of the day was spent preparing the dungeon for a double Dom session that Madame Catarina was hosting with her BDSM DoubleTrouble partner Lady Caprice.

That evening I was allowed to serve both Ladies drinks and snacks after the session.  I sat on my little slave chair in the corner of the room whilst the ladies talked waiting to refill glasses or replace snacks.. Madame Catarina looked so beautiful in the leather outfit and thigh high boots she had worn for the session earlier. I tried desperately to avert my gaze from my owner but her beauty kept pulling my gaze towards her. I cursed the absent chastity device as I wrestled with the makings of an involuntary erection. Madame Catarina caught my discomfort and smiled…a smile that exploded in my head and I knew that I was completely and irrevocably her slave and property…I was hers to with whatever she pleased…………..

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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