Slave pj Training Diary: Day Twelve- Part One


The next morning signalled the day of the trial at the Avalon Residence.  Madame Catarina had told me all about the trials and was very keen for me to attend. She had really enjoyed a previous trial and loved watching the errant slaves being punished by the Avalon Ladies so on this occasion I was to have the honour of escorting my owner as her personal slave.

I was to conduct myself in an exemplary manner as always and be courteous and polite to all the Ladies I would meet. My duties would include carrying my mistresses’ bags, lighting cigarettes, holding ashtrays, fetching and carrying and whatever else Madame Catarina wished me to do. In addition to serving my Mistress there was another reason for my attendance. Madame Catarina had made it very clear that should I ever displease her I would be sent for trial at the Avalon Residence.

I must admit to being slightly apprehensive about this because I had made a lot of mistakes throughout my training.  Before my training began I wondered how I would feel if Madame Catarina decided that I to should stand trial and be punished by other mistresses. Strangely now I was here I realised that whatever Madame Catarina decided to do with me was not the problem, I was slowly learning obedience and what ownership meant…by far the bigger problem would be that I had let her down.

Madame Catarina had a surprise for me when I served her brunch later that day. She told me that the Ladies at Avalon had called and that she would have a starring role in one of the cases in which she would be called upon to act as an expert witness…There was a forgery case against a slave and Madame Catarina would appear as the graphologist to testify not only to the forgery but also the character traits of the defendant.

Much of the day past in preparation for the evening event and of course there are always a hundred jobs to be getting on with in the dungeon. Later in the afternoon Madame Catarina summoned me by e-mail instructing me to prepare towels, the ewer and basin from the saloon and her special foot soap. I did so immediately and before long I was kneeling before my Mistress gently washing her and drying her feet.

Madame Catarina has the most beautiful feet and I caressed them gently whilst washing before removing the old nail varnish and carefully painting her nails. I have only done this once before and it never gets any easier…I find it so nerve wracking as I am terrified of making a mistake.  My nervousness was not helped by the excitement I felt being given such an honour.

Once Madame Catarina’s nails were painted to her satisfaction I was allowed to clean and polish a collection of her high heels shoes. As I cleaned and polished each pair of shoes I could not help feel a rising excitement. Each pair conjured memories of a movie or a session. And I imagined what it would be like to be allowed to lick and kiss each shoe or to be trampled beneath the heels once more or to have the heels thrust deep into the eye of my cock…

My reverie was interrupted when Madame Catarina entered the saloon to select which pair of shoes she would wear that evening. As I am sure everyone who reads this blog knows Madame Catarina is beautiful but for anyone who has not gazed upon her beauty in person it is impossible to know how beautiful.

Sometimes gazing on Madame Catarina’s beauty is like gazing directly into the sun…it hurts. She is so beautiful gazing at her causes physical pain…I felt myself short of breath as I tried desperately to tell my mistress and owner how beautiful she looked. She simply smiled and told me to get showered and put some smart clothes on as her chauffeur slave would be collecting us in 15 minutes….and not to forget my collar…..

Within the hour we had arrived at the Avalon Residence. I recognised the approach from several of Madame Catarina’s movies and I must admit I was somewhat in awe of the place. I had read so much about it seen it in movies and Madame Catarina had told me about her previous visits for Red Ass day and the previous trial…so bidding farewell to Madame Catarina’s chauffeur slave I fixed my collar in place and obediently followed my mistress and owner into another world….

To be continued

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Also don’t forget to keep a look out for details of the next Hidden Torture Farm Event…Once the final arrangements have been made the details and dates will be posted…so keep checking posts to avoid disappointment and make sure you make your fantasies become reality.

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