Slave pj Training Diary- Day Twelve: Part Two


As I entered the courtyard of the Avalon Residence behind my Mistress and owner Madame Catarina I entered into another world. It was a world full of beautiful Ladies and various slaves led about in chains. I was introduced to the ladies of Avalon including Lady Stella  whom of course I knew from the Hidden Torture Farm but I am afraid my nerves got the better of me and although always polite I found myself slightly tongue tied . It was all a bit much to take in, being introduced to so many beautiful mistresses by my amazing owner as her property and slave, the beautiful setting and of course the accompanying soundtrack of the crack of whips and the yelps of slaves as they were punished in the courtyard.

I was quite surprised at how quickly I adapted to this new setting and after my initial nervousness and soon began to ‘comfortable’ where I was. I do not mean comfortable as in ’pipe and slippers’ but more that I felt this was somewhere I belonged.  It was the first time I had appeared at such a large event as Madame Catarina’s slave and I could feel her power and control over me deepen as a result.

unnamed (1)

Soon it was time for the trial and I escorted Madame Catarina to her reserved seat at the front of the stage before taking my place at the side of the hall. The trial began with the rules of the Avalon Residence and its laws being recited on tape and the Lady Mercedes and Lady Marlon took their places as judge and prosecutor.

The accused slaves, each numbered and chained were paraded on stage, each escorted by their guard and accuser. The charges were read out and the slaves had to plead guilty…obviously they could not plead innocence…and then the evidence was presented to the court.

This is my understanding, however I have very limited German…OK virtually no German at all…but even I could tell that proceedings were conducted with good humour and some of the slave’s crimes and excuses were hilarious.

After each case, sentence was passed and at least partially carried out on stage….the punishments varied depending on the crime and the slaves would be subject to more punishment after the trial. As I watched the trial I found myself thinking about my own slavery and realising how far I had come in the last couple of weeks. I could hardly believe I had felt nervous about the Avalon trial and this was not because it was any different to what I expected but more because I was a different person. Being immersed so completely in Madame Catarina’s slavery had changed me I now knew that deep inside she owned me and I existed now only to be used and to be used by her. It really was that simple.

It was soon time for Madame Catarina to take to the stage as the graphologist and quite obviously she appeared breathtakingly beautiful and totally controlled the room (as actor types would say) I was mesmerised yet again by her beauty and presence and when at the end of the trial the Avalon Ladies provided her with a cane to help deal out the punishment for a hapless slave I wished it was my ass that was being caned.

After the trial I waited on Madame Catarina, holding her bags, providing a light for cigarettes and fetching drinks and of course fading into the background as much as I could and only speaking when spoken to. All around the residence slaves were being punished by Mistresses’, there were slaves in suspension, being flogged, and all other kinds of torment. Madame Catarina gave me leave to visit the dungeons with Lady Stella just so I would know what to expect if I misbehaved. Lady Stella gave me a grand tour and I must admit I was very impressed and not a little bit anxious. I was reminded of some of the heavy whipping movies Madame Catarina had shot at the Residence and I began to wonder what it would be like to be held there as Madame Catarina’s slave. I felt a shiver of fear and excitement at the thought.

I returned to my duties as ashtray holder and personal slave and Madame Catarina instructed me to give her a foot massage. I knelt down gratefully before my Mistress removed her shoe and began to gently massage her stockinged feet.  Madame Catarina urged me to work harder at her feet and not be quite so gentle.  Before long  other Mistresses had decided that a foot massage was a good idea and before long a sort of impromptu foot massage competition was taking  place. I am not very good at foot massage it is something I need to learn but luckily the slave massaging the Mistresses feet next to me was a professional masseur so I was able to pick up a few tips…but I think I need a proper course.


As the evening wore on Madame Catarina summoned her slave chauffeur to pick us up and before long I was following my Mistress out of Avalon to return to the dungeon. I could not help think once again how far I had travelled in the past couple of weeks. I knew that Madame Catarina had taken complete ownership and control of me and I had become her  possession, her thing and she could use me anyway she pleased. I no longer had freewill  and nor no did I want any. I wanted only to serve and obey my Goddess, Mistress and owner….

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