Bootlicker the Muddy Pony Chapter’s Three & Four


Just as a new Hidden Torture Farm event is announced on the 9th-11th October and a new website is launched what could be better than relaxing with the latest movie clips from the Hidden Torture Farm.

In Chapter Three we see that Bootlicker the pony is now firmly secured between the traces and Madame Catarina decides to put him through his paces. The slow trot soon becomes a canter and then a gallop as Madame Catarina urges her pony on with her whips. After a satisfactory sulky ride Madame Catarina returns to the confines of the farmyard and removes the reins and riding bit from the Bootlicker pony. Before long his cockade and harness are also removed, his nipples tortured and he has been fitted with collar and lead……


Then in Chapter Four Bootlicker is led crawling like a dog across the farmyard as Madame Catarina decides that it is time for Bootlicker to live up to his name and clean her muddy riding boots. Sat on the sulky Madame Catarina allows him to clean her boots with his eager tongue but he does not get it right.  The boots are still muddy so it is time for his Mistress to have some fun with him as she rests the wheels of the sulky on top of him. Then sitting on the sulky Madame Catarina crushes Bootlicker below as she allows him to lick the muddy soles before trampling him beneath her boots….

And if the movie excites your imagination why not check out the Hidden Torture Farm website….and maybe make your dreams become a reality

About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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