Madame Catarina’s Nile Adventure-Slave pj’s Log.

As I left Madame Catarina’s saloon in August it was with a heavy heart. What happened the previous evening had been life changing. With the contract of ownership signed I had become irrevocably her slave and property. So as I left I held desperately to the thought that I would be returning in exactly one month to serve my Mistress and Goddess on an Egyptian adventure.

Barely a month later I was sat on a testosterone fuelled flight The flight was filled not only with the obligatory brain dead and objectionable stag party but also by competitive runners who obviously felt competition was not limited to running very fast but also to describing the most horrendous agony they had managed to put themselves through to do this. I thought to myself what a strange way to carry on just to be able to run very fast…before I thought maybe they would not understand my relationship with pain; my willingness…or maybe my eagerness to experience all levels of pain in order to become a better slave for my Mistress and owner.

I arrived in Berlin only to find my baggage had been inspected by customs. I was annoyed to find the different parts of my chastity device scattered throughout my suitcase…Madame Catarina gives me special dispensation when travelling by plane alone…although now I feel naked when not wearing it.

When I arrived at Madame Catarina’s saloon and after several weeks away the collar around my neck and the leather sack on the dungeon floor felt wonderful. As I lay in the pitch black, cocooned in leather tightly caged in my chastity device I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be. I belonged to Madame Catarina now and her ownership of me was total. My mind only briefly drifted towards the coming weeks ahead, the Egyptian adventure in the footsteps of Agatha Christie, and then the preparation and of course attendance at the Hidden Torture Farm….instead I felt an overwhelming feeling of contentment at being at my Mistresses total mercy and absolutely at her service.

We discussed in detail the arrangements that I had made for the trip and how well I had carried out Madame Catarina’s instructions and of course Madame Catarina inspected my work in the dungeon. There can be no greater pleasure in the world for a slave than when a Mistress announces that she is pleased with his work.

I spent the rest of the day checking and double checking arrangements and carrying out a few minor tasks until Madame Catarina announced that she would permit me to take her to her favourite Indian restaurant.

At dinner I was allowed to sit opposite Madame Catarina which felt a little strange and so different from my usual position of kneeling at her feet and eating from a bowl. At dinner Madame Catarina displayed an expertise in Ancient Egypt and other Arabic civilisations and cultures.  I sat mesmerized listening to my Mistress savouring each and every word until finally it was time to leave the restaurant and return to the dungeon and my leather sack.


The following day was spent packing…and repacking and running last minute errands…it was soon evening and Madame Catarina allowed me to kneel at her feet as we watched ‘Death on Nile’. During the movie…and I am giving nothing away by saying the Butler didn’t do it…Madame Catarina allowed me to massage and rub oil into her perfect feet. I longed to place her beautifully pedicured and painted toes into my mouth and suck and kiss until my tongue wore out…but obviously resisted this urge…this is an honour that only my Mistress can bestow and any liberty taken on my part would be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.

It is probably needless to say that I got very little sleep that evening and in the morning I worked tirelessly under supervision of course to make sure everything was ready to go for when Madame Catarina’s driver slave arrived to take us to the airport. The journey to the airport was a pleasant maybe they would not understand affair but after that…The least said about the journey probably the better…at least until safely returned to Berlin as airports, airlines and even some officials are or maybe involved on the return journey….

Eventually we arrived at our destination in the wee small hours …the smells and texture of Egypt intoxicated my senses but not nearly as much as being with my goddess and owner

And  that is where the Nile Adventure truly begins…

For links to Madame Catarina’s websites and the Hidden Torture farm event between 9th-11th October please see other blogs on this site…as I am sure many will appreciate legal and technological issues will impact on both the frequency and availability of this blog…but fear not all will be posted if not here elsewhere…

About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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