The Nile Adventure-Part Three


The next morning once again I was allowed to escort Madame Catarina to breakfast and once again she appeared as a vision of beauty and elegance. Then after a brief stroll around the grounds of the hotel Madame Catarina allowed me to help her pack and it was time for the transfer to the steam ship. The steamer was a beautifully maintained Victorian vessel on which Agatha Christie had travelled in the 1920’s and which is the inspiration for her book ‘Death on the Nile’. Madame Catarina was delighted with her cabin and the boat for which I was both relieved and very grateful.

There can be no greater joy for a slave than giving his Mistress pleasure: whether it is through his pain and humiliation as she punishes and torments him or whether through giving her things she really wants.

The next four days were filled in respectful attendance with exquisite lunches and dinners, gentle cruising along the peaceful Nile and of course visits to ancient sacred sites.

I will not go into too much deal about the journey here…maybe later or in another format… although I will mention a couple of incidents and insights very briefly.

The first ‘insight’ was…well not so much an insight but more a very obvious truth that hit me square between the eyes. Madame Catarina is a goddess. For many this is obvious but I am a little bit thick at times. I think the word goddess is over used but as I knelt before my owner and Mistress in the temples (the camera is a wonderful device…how else could I have knelt before my mistress in public without comment) I realised that in Madame Catarina’s case ‘goddess’ was the right word.

Secondly there were a lot of photographs…many will be appearing in Madame Catarina’s member site personal section at some point in the future. Throughout the journey I was given the honour of taking photos of my Goddess, owner and Mistress…One ‘shoot’ features Madame Catarina in an outfit very similar to the ‘House of Correction’ movie…if you do not know what that is buy the movie…original 1930’s jodhpurs, brown gloves and high heel boots…think 1930’s Hollywood …then think again…the riding crop is not for ornament.

Thirdly…Madame Catarina gave me the most wonderful surprise one day…

I was called to her cabin as I thought to receive my instructions for the day…but this was not the case…what happened next was the most amazing surprise…but I guess it will be a case of waiting a while to see it on C4S

Sadly the time came all too soon to leave the steam ship and book into a hotel before returning to Berlin. As I followed my Mistress across the gang plank and onto shore I felt somehow changed. The wonders of Egypt had touched me deeply but not nearly as deeply as the wonder of Madame Catarina and becoming more entirely her slave and property.


Obviously the above is only a tiny part of the story and barely touches the surface…but with preparations well underway for the hidden torture farm event….

It is not too late..Just!

To book a place at the special event at the Hidden Torture Farm with Madame Catarina and Lady Stella on the 9th to 11th October go to  the new website for more details and application form.

You really do need to book early to avoid disappointment and make your fantasies become reality.

Of course Madame Catarina also offers sessions at her saloon in Central Berlin so if you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

Madame Catarina’s movies are available to download at C4S


And can be  watched in MCinema members area where there are also over 100 photo galleries


You can find out more about how to serve Madame Catarina at the following  links:

Madame Catarina’s Website 


BDSM Double Trouble (with Lady Caprice)


thumb (7)Galerie de Sade


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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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