Hidden Torture Farm: Day Two

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There seemed to be an endless stream of ‘guests’ throughout the day. Occasionally I caught a glimpse of a human pony pulling the sulky with Madame Catarina in or Lady Stella training a human dog. Both cells held a kidnap victim and the stables held human ponies. The farm often echoed with the sound of the thwacking of various whips and canes, the yelps of slaves and of course the cruel laughter of the two Mistresses.

Cleaning was an almost constant with short breaks in between to prepare meals and once the kidnap victims and ponies were made safe and secure for the night to wait on table for Madame Catarina and Lady Stella. I was at last dismissed and made my way to my dungeon bed for the night with strict instructions to present myself at dawn for duty.

The next morning I presented myself at the farmhouse door and after a quick shower began work preparing breakfast as Madame Catarina outlined my duties for the day. My first job would be to prepare the sulky for an early morning ride, washing it down and drying it and making sure all was in working order after the rigours of the previous day. Before long various hooded slaves were being exercised and punished in the courtyard and the second day of the hidden torture farm was truly underway. I was later joined by two of Madame Catarina’s other slaves and we worked together making sure all was in order for Madame Catarina and Lady Stella…that equipment was ready for use in its allotted space and all was clean and tidy.

The day passed in a bit of a blur of cooking and cleaning but I remember looking out onto the courtyard at one point to see several slaves being whipped and caned by the Mistresses whilst a pony slave was tethered to a post grazing and a dog slave was chained in his kennel. Both Madame Catarina and Lady Stella radiated an aura of pure pleasure as they punished and controlled the slaves, bending them to their will. As I looked on I realised yet again how lucky I was to be Madame Catarina’ slave and property and what an honour it was to be allowed to serve her. I thought about my journey into her slavery and knew her ownership of me was complete.

Fleetingly I wished it was me receiving the whipping…but as I was to find out the next day…it is wise to be careful what you wish for…

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Of course Madame Catarina also offers sessions at her saloon in Central Berlin so if you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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