Four Ladies- Four Whips- Madame Catarina’s New Movie


In an amazing new movie we see Madame Catarina looking every inch (yet again should that be centimetre, millimetre or micrometre-probably the latter) the supreme, beautiful and sadistic dominatrix  dressed in thigh length boots and leather as she offers her willing Swiss whipping slave to unbelievable torment at the hands of her Mistress friends.

Earlier this year as part of the Sardax Gag Shop Project four of the world’s most beautiful and cruel Mistresses decided to meet in the German city of Stuttgart for a very special event: The recreation of Sardax’s Gag Shop series of illustrations in photographic form…more information and links available here. As part of the celebrations Lady Victoria Valente played host to her friends, Madame Catarina, Mistress Akella and Mistress Ezada Sinn in her Stuttgart dungeon. The ladies had travelled far; from London, Bucharest and Berlin and were in need of some entertainment. Madame Catarina decided to donate her Swiss slave to the group for some amusement, hard whipping and caning fun.

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In Chapter One now available on C4S  we see Madame Catarina looking more stunning and beautiful than ever as she delivers her slave to her friends and suspended from the ceiling he makes an irresistible target for the four ladies whips. Soon he is being flogged from every angle as the Ladies tease out every weakness. Warming to their task the ladies discuss how best to amuse themselves with him before deciding it is time to test Madame Catarina’s slave to the limit….

I was allowed to escort my owner and Mistress to Stuttgart for this event and must admit that whilst I could hear the cries and howls of the Swiss slave…I am sure most of the city could…I had no idea exactly what he had been subjected to….watching the movie for the first time (and this is very hard whipping from the world’s most beautiful and cruel Mistresses)…it is hard not to feel just a little envious …but also a little a grateful it was not me in there…or maybe not…

How do you feel after watching it? Can you imagine yourself in this slave’s place?

And remember… this is only part one….

More ways to serve Madame Catarina

Of course Madame Catarina also offers sessions at her saloon in Central Berlin so if you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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