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I waited kneeling in the saloon for what seemed like an age. Gazing at the wonderful debris, which spoke of an amazing session for some lucky slave only served to fuel my excitement at seeing my Mistress again and of course receiving my instructions for the days ahead.

This visit had been organised some time in advance and I knew my duties were to include helping Madame Catarina to prepare for the Hidden Torture events and to serve as her personal slave, butler and general help at these events, as well as my usual cleaning duties in the dungeon. Kneeling in the saloon awaiting her arrival I really wanted to get to work on cleaning and tidying the dungeon but previous experience had taught me this was not the way things worked. I had been told to kneel and await instructions …so this is exactly what I would do. I heard some movement outside of the saloon door and Madame Catarina entered looking as beautiful and stunning as ever.

As Madame Catarina gazed at me and smiled I felt her power over me and knew there could be no doubt of her ownership and my slavery. Whatever she wished me to do or do to me I knew I would do it gladly and with all my heart and soul …there is no greater joy for a slave to please his Mistress in any way she chooses…

Madame Catarina outlined the timetable of events for the two weeks, outlining what was expected of me and what my duties were to be. As expected much was connected to the Hidden Torture farm but also some other activities which will be reported later in the year. My first job of course was to tidy the saloon, clean the equipment and make all ready for another session Madame Catarina had booked later that day. Madame Catarina informed me should we would check on my progress later in the day and of course check the standard of my work.

And then I was alone in the saloon. My heart was beating with excitement as I got to work sorting the equipment and taking the cleaning materials from the places I knew they were kept and set to work. It is such a wonderful feeling for a slave to be of use to his Mistress and I took a deep pleasure in cleaning and tidying…mingled with a sense of excitement as I thought what had taken place in the saloon only a the previous day and what the slave must have experienced at the hands (and feet) of my Mistress and owner.

I worked hard and quickly throughout the day and soon had the saloon to what I thought was a high standard. On Madame Catarina’s return I soon found out this was not the case and my oversights and mistakes where soon pointed out and quickly corrected. Madame Catarina then told me what toys and equipment she wished prepared for her next session so I began to collect these, clean them and arrange as she had instructed. Madame Catarina inspected my work once more and then provided me with a list of things she needed for later in the week and were I could buy them. I was then sent on these errands with strict instructions of when to return…I set off eagerly happy to be of service once more to my Mistress….

To be continued

If you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

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