My Journey into Madame Catarina’s Slavery Continues


On my return to the saloon at the appointed hour I found it once again strewn with the paraphernalia of what looked like another amazing session. I deposited the array of goods I had bought in the appointed place and messaged my mistress and owner to see if it was permissible to start to clean and tidy the dungeon …the answer came swiftly in the affirmative and I set to work once again on cleaning and tidying the equipment…it was with a certain excitement that I lifted the funnel with obvious evidence of my Mistresses’ spit and cigarette ash from the dungeon floor and I longed to lick it clean…but I knew this would result in instant dismissal so washed it in a more conventional way. I set aside some implements as I knew Madame Catarina insisted on cleaning these herself and after about an hour the saloon was clean and tidy once more. So it was a bit of a shock when I entered the dungeon I found this to had been used. I looked on in mute fascination at the array of toys discarded around the dungeon floor. I could not help think what an incredible session it must have been and thought back to some of my previous experiences in the dungeon.
I felt a real feeling of exhilaration as I gathered the toys together and could not help think of my baptism when Madame Catarina gave me my slave name and brought me into the dungeon and introduced me to the joy of pain.
My work eventually finished and the dungeon and toys left spotless I crawled into my leather sack and collapsed into a deep and contented sleep full of blissful images of my Mistress and owner…
I presented myself the next morning kneeling in the saloon as always and awaited my Mistresses instructions. The day was spent preparing for the Hidden Torture Farm events and something else…which will be reported on later in the year. I spent much of the morning with my Mistress and owner fetching and carrying as she selected the items required for the first Hidden Torture Farm event. The glint in Madame Catarina’s eyes and the cruel smile on her lips as she selected a particularly cruel toy or heavy whip from her vast collection was mesmerising. Finally the saloon floor was piled high with equipment and outfits and I was instructed to pack it all.
I did so dutifully and diligently, luckily I have had previous experience packing for Madame Catarina on occasions such as the Gag Shop event  and previous Hidden Torture Farm events and managed somehow to reduce the giant piles of toys, equipment, outfits and of course boots into the suitcases allocated. Madame Catarina kindly allowed me to escort her to her favourite restaurant where she explained to me what would happen the following day and of course my duties and responsibilities at the HTF events. Madame Catarina also informed me that I was to have help at the first event in the form of a trainee work slave whom she had decided to try out to see if he was suitable to join her slave stable…I would be responsible for overseeing some of this more practical training such as the correct way to clean Madame’s leather, etc….for the purposes of this blog the slave was to be known as slave Z.
On my return to the dungeon I checked all was in order and ready for the morning and returned to my leather sack thinking what a great honour it was to be entrusted in training Madame Catarina’s new slave…
The next day will reported on at a later date
It was an early start again on the morning of the first HTF event and with provisions bought and equipment bought it was time to leave for the Hidden Torture Farm…and it was very clear that Madame Catarina was really looking forward to a very cruel and sadistic couple of days….

If you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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