The Torture Begins at the Farm

HTF Event 3

The journey to the farm was uneventful apart from the thrill I felt sitting beside my Mistress as we sped along the autobahn and through the German countryside. On arrival at the farm it was a case of my unpacking the car and then starting work on preparations and making sure my Mistresses’ room and that of Lady Stella were prepared and in good order.

During these preparations Madame Catarina’s new ‘slave arrived and once Madame Catarina had instructed him on his duties I was introduced to Slave Z. He was soon put to work painting a bathroom and I continued with my duties preparing the play room and making sure my Mistress was comfortable. With these duties completed and my work inspected I was ordered to cook dinner…on this occasion with the fine weather it was to be a barbecue and I dutifully set about my task.

Whilst I was preparing dinner Madame Catarina decided that slave Z was to be trained as her dog and when dinner was served myself and slave Z were allowed to kneel on all fours either side of our Mistress and eat off the floor whilst Madame Catarina dined at the table. As I knelt eating my dinner with my Mistress beside me and slave Z the other side of the table I felt a deep feeling of contentment. I thought about my journey into Madame Catarina’s slavery and how far I had travelled and how much further there was still to go. I had never dreamt in my wildest dreams that Madame Catarina would accept me as her property and allow me entry into her stable let alone allow me to become her personal slave, servant and butler. As I gazed at my Mistresses’ boots beneath the table I knew I belonged to her completely and would do anything she asked of me. So after the cleaning duties after dinner were completed and Madame Catarina had locked slave Z away for the night I made my way contentedly to my allotted sleeping quarters looking forward to the next day and Lady Stella’s arrival and the start of the Hidden torture Farm event.

As always it was an early start the next day as I made Madame Catarina’s coffee to her exact specifications and delivered it to her door. It was then time to prefer breakfast…a slave’s breakfast for myself and slave Z and of course something much more special for our Mistress.

The day passed in a bit of a whirr as slaves arrived and left and I spent much of the day fetching and carrying and cleaning equipment…all to the accompaniment to the thwack of canes, the crack of whips and the cries of pain from the slaves. On my occasional forays into the fray to deliver or collect equipment, water, cigarettes or chilled sparkling wine to my mistress and Lady Stella I glimpsed a stream of hooded slaves being used cruelly by the two ladies. Some in groups and some alone, all manner of activities were going on with slaves locked in the cellar pit or cages, suspended from the whipping hoist, laid across caning benches or involved in dog and pony training…although not necessarily at the same time…there was even a branding and some very muffled screams emanating from the playroom from what I found out later was from one lucky slave who had the honour of testing out Madame Catarina’s new Gyno chair.

After I had prepared and served dinner for Madame Catarina and Lady Stella and prepared a rather less salubrious meal for the various slaves locked away in the cellars or stables I set about tidying the yard and playroom and cleaning and preparing things for the next day. It was a very tired and happy slave who crawled into his sack that evening having witnessed my owner and Mistress in all her dominant glory using the various slaves as she wished…and I knew there could be no greater honour than being her property.

To be continued….

(Please note-Madame Catarina and Lady Stella Practice only safe, sane and consensual domination-all taboos and limits are respected-nothing happened at the farm that slave’s had not consented to.)

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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