Return from the Hidden Torture Farm


With the last few slaves dispatched back into the mundane world of the everyday early the following morning, it was time once again clean and tidy and help my Mistress and Lady Stella pack. With another Hidden Torture Farm event scheduled for the following weekend it was very much a case of not only cleaning what had been used but also preparing for the next event. Madame Catarina inspected my work and pronounced all was satisfactory and with all that was needed packed it was back to the saloon. On arrival at the saloon and having carried my Mistresses’ outfits, boots and equipment from the car Madame Catarina made my heart leap with joy when she thanked me for a very good job as servant, butler and assistant exhausted as I was I felt exhilarated and doubly so when Madame Catarina tweeted her approval of my service.

I was given the afternoon off and Madame Catarina secured me tightly in my leather bondage sack releasing me only when it was time to prepare her dinner. I was allowed once again to dine at my Mistresses’ feet and to be used as her ashtray…when I eventually clambered in to my leather sack once more I slept very soundly, comforted by the tight restriction of my chastity device and that I had given my owner good service.

If you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

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About Slave PJ

I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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