Living as Madame Catarina’s Slave



In the morning I awoke refreshed and invigorated and presented myself in the saloon as was usual. I received a message from Madame Catarina simply telling me I should know by now what I must do with a smiling emoticon and I set to work on Madame Catarina’s boots, outfits and equipment. It is difficult to express the intense feeling of pleasure the work gave me and I worked as painstakingly as possible to ensure my work was of the highest standard possible. Having received praise from my owner only the day before, I was eager that I should not get complacent. I had done this once before in my training…I my had provided good service to my Mistress over a few days but then my concentration lapsed, I took my eye off the ball and on the fourth day my work became substandard. Luckily for me on that occasion Madame Catarina decided not to dismiss me from her service but instead subjected me to a severe flogging and a night in her cage without food…but much worse than this was the fear that I would be dismissed…this is a mistake I do not intend to make ever again.

Madame Catarina inspected my work later in the day and announced herself pleased with my work and I was sent out of the saloon to run some errands. My Owner informed me that she would be dining out that evening with some Mistress friends but as a special reward for my good work I was to be provided with a special slave meal laced with her spit and eaten on the floor from the dog bowl. As I knelt on the floor with my collar and lead chained to the dungeon wall my Mistress gently closed and locked the door and left me chained to spend the night on the dungeon floor and I was in slave heaven….

The next morning Madame Catarina messaged me asking why I had not presented myself in the saloon as usual. I was really panicked as I replied saying that I was sorry but I was chained to the dungeon wall…I was worried that she had forgotten, but, obviously did not say anything, but my anxiety was not warranted as her next message simple read ‘I know’ once again with a smiling emoticon. A few moments later Madame Catarina entered the dungeon laughing at the joke and unchained me. I was instructed to get showered and dressed and given a small shopping list. As the weather was good my owner had decided that she wished to picnic on the Teufelsburg in Berlin and of course I was to accompany her as her servant and butler. As an added honour I was to be trusted in buying the provisions for the picnic and packing the hamper and of course serving the picnic.

I have been very privileged in the past to cook for and serve Madame Catarina so I set about my task with enthusiasm …Madame Catarina has been training me not only in have attitudinal and practical skills re the cleaning and maintenance of her vast array of toys, outfits and equipment but also in her likes and dislikes and more generally in the way she expects to be served. I set about my task with enthusiasm seeking out Madame Catarina’s favourite chilled sparkling wine, sushi and ante-pasta and other sundry items. I made sure all was chilled and packed the hamper ready for the picnic…making sure to pack Madame’s favourite engraved wine glasses very carefully and it was soon time for departure.

I must admit I was not really prepared for the climb up Teufelsberg with a heavy picnic hamper but the pure joy of being allowed to walk a few paces behind my Goddess soon transcended any physical exertion.

Once at the top of the hill I prepared the picnic and was allowed to serve my Mistress with the picnic and the chilled sparkling wine and to sit a metre away and attend her every whim. The view of Berlin from Teufelsberg is quite spectacular apparently ….I can’t say I noticed particularly as I was totally absorbed in serving my Mistress and owner. What an honour!

After the picnic it was back to the saloon and I was set to work preparing for a movie shoot the following day and having done this I was once again allowed to cook and serve my Mistress ‘s dinner and dine once more at her feet before returning to my beloved sack on the dungeon floor.

As always I presented myself the next morning in the saloon at 5.30am to await instructions. Madame Catarina had told me that she was making a movie that day and that I had to help prepare the saloon for the shooting.

I knew the movie was to be a caning movie but no more. I had no idea what my role in the process would be other than to prepare the saloon to Madame Catarina’s specifications. When Madame Catarina entered the saloon look beautiful as always she was carrying an array of canes, carpet beaters and whips. She placed them on the floor in front of me and quizzed me on their preparation. I had been honoured in the past to prepare canes for Madame Catarina, Lady Victoria Valente, Mistress Akella and Mistress Ezada Sinn in Stuttgart and for Madame Catarina at her saloon and on one memorable for their use on me… although I had not been aware that this was the case until I was strapped to the caning bench and Madame Catarina had set to my red raw butt with them.

I ran through the procedures for preparing canes as Madame had taught me and all must have been correct as I was told to get on with it. I was given the time the cameraman and slave actor were to arrive and I was instructed that once coffee and water had been served I was to stay in the back room for the duration of the shooting. I spent the rest of the morning preparing the canes and under strict supervision organising the furniture and lighting. Anyone who has seen a Madame Catarina movie will not be surprised to know filming is a very organised and professional endeavour but with plenty of scope for my mistresses’ sadistic creativity to flourish.

At the allotted time Madame Catarina inspected my work and after a few minor adjustments pronounced that she was satisfied and I was lead into the back room and given some administration work to do. I would be summoned if required.

I sat happily for several hours working on various mundane jobs accompanied only by the sounds of the movie making in the next room. You can hear (and see) what happened in the movie for yourself very soon on C4S and MCinema.

After the shoot and the actor had left I quickly tidied the saloon and put the canes to soak before being allowed to escort Madame Catarina to her favourite Indian Restaurant before much later returning to the saloon and my leather sack….

To be continued…

If you genuinely wish to serve Madame Catarina in person please check out the details and links here . Genuine inquiries only!

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I am the property and 24/7 slave and butler of the divine Madam Catarina of Berlin.
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