The Hidden Torture Farm Revisited


The following day began with a late start as Madame Catarina had instructed me that I would need all my strength for the next Hidden Torture Farm event so I would not be required until 7.30 am. I dutifully took up my position in the saloon at the allotted time and awaited my Mistresses’ instructions. Madame Catarina arrived at the saloon a little later and gave me a list of items required and instructed me to pack them, this I dutifully did and after a brief visit to the supermarket for supplies it was time to pack the car and make our way to the farm picking up Lady Stella on the way.

On arrival at the farm I unloaded the car and prepared a light meal and chilled sparkling wine for Madame Catarina and Lady Stella before making sure all was ready for the event…Cleaning the stables, cellars , dungeon and of course Madame Catarina’s and Lady Stella’s rooms. On completion I reported back to Madame Catarina who was satisfied with my work and I was told to go to my quarters for the evening and get some sleep as I would need it the following day.

The next morning Madame Catarina had a new job for me as she had decided to test the electro dog collar I had bought her the previous week. Although Madame Catarina knew it was working as she had instructed me to test it on myself as soon as I had bought it she wanted to test the range. To this end Madame Catarina spent a happy hour instructing me to walk across the fields measuring a meter at a time, at each meter she sent a painful electric shock directly into my cock and balls and her cruel laughter echoed across the German countryside, as did my yelps of pain. Eventually I was far enough away for the remote not to work and so making a note of the distance I returned to my Mistress occasionally receiving several shocks along the way purely for Madame Catarina’s amusement. Madame Catarina did think about leaving it on and using it instead of a bell or messaging over the event but then decided she had a better use for it with another slave over the weekend so I cleaned the device and an hour later all was ready for the first kidnap victim’s arrival at the farm.

Throughout the day I busied myself around the farm, cooking, cleaning and generally helping out where I was able, but, always keeping a low profile as unlike the previous week many of the ‘guests’ at the event had requested more privacy so my role was much more behind the scenes.I was confined pretty much to the kitchen and tack room. My mind drifted back to Madame Catarina’s morning fun with me and the electro dog collar and the feelings it had aroused in me…other than pain obviously. I was well used to being locked into chastity and giving Madame Catarina complete control of my cock and balls but it seemed what she had suggested earlier in the day was one step beyond this. The idea of not only being locked in chastity but also being fitted with the electro dog collar on my cock and balls on an almost permanent basis excited me beyond belief.…but for the time being I had plenty of work to to occupy my mind.

In the morning the cellars were emptied of slaves just in time for me to clean and prepare for the new arrivals…I saw very little of Madame Catarina or Lady Stella throughout the day as there were a lot of kidnaps and interrogations. Once I had prepare the rooms there was little for me to do apart from occasionally collect equipment from outside the cellars clean and then return, apart from of course preparing meals and keeping good order in the kitchen. The day flew past and the farmyard quite often echoed with screams of pain and the thwack of wood on flesh.

I was allowed to prepare and serve at dinner and it was very late when I made my weary but contented way to my sleeping quarters.

It was an early start the following day to make coffee for Madame Catarina and Lady Stella before they exercised their prisoners one at a time and then once they had had some morning fun time to prepare breakfast. The day continued much like this, punctuated only by the muffled cries of the prisoners and the laughter of the Ladies until finally in the mid-afternoon the event was over and the last slave despatched. Madame Catrina expressed how much she had enjoyed using the slaves at the farm over the weekend and how pleased she was with the service I had given…my heart leapt with joy. It was then time to clean, pack and prepare the farm  for Madame Catarina’s next visit.

On arrival at the saloon and with the car unpacked and all delivered safely within, Madame Catarina announced I had earned the rest of the day off and that the cleaning and unpacking could wait until morning…It was a very tired and very happy slave that crawled almost immediately into his leather sack on the dungeon floor and slept…


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